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Yassi Benitez - April 2013

Model and beautiful person Yassi Benitez is into chocolates and frankness. Her thoughts on foreplay? ‘Me first.’
by Khyne Palumar | Apr 17, 2013
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Is “Yassi” short for something else?
It’s actually Issay read backwards para mas cute, binaliktad lang. Some of my friends also call me Izza. Yassi is just one of the names people call me.


What do you do?
Well, I’ve been into modeling for three years now. I’ve also done some commercials, and I’ve been part of two music videos. Pero I don’t do the singing. I’m always the one who’s being serenaded. Ha ha!


Any weird hobbies?
Casting dark spells! Ha ha ha! My alias kasi on the Internet is darkspeller because a lot of guys have fallen under my spell. But seriously, weird hobbies? I don’t know—eating chocolates. I love it so much! It’s a vicious hobby Ha ha!


What’s a vicious thing people say about you that’s actually true?
Yung pagiging taklesa ko. That’s true. Ha ha ha! Mas gusto ko kasi when I tell people the truth to their faces, I’m all about being frank, ayoko nang nakikipag-plastikan.


In the spirit of frankness then, how are you in the sack?
I’d have to go with sweet— maybe. Ha ha ha! Feeling ko kasi I’m more of a romantic type of person. Ha ha ha! Pero siyempre it would also depend on my mood.

 So do you need to be turned on first, or do you initiate the foreplay?
No, kailangan me first. Ha ha ha! Basta mas gusto ko ako mauna para ma-set yung mood.


Photography Aaron Ebio Styling Cris Sese Hair and Makeup Julie Ebio
Shot on location at the Dragon Bistro

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