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Abby and Jahziel - FHM Online Babes December 2013

Abby and Jahziel team up for the hottest Christmas treat ever!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Dec 6, 2013
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Abby Poblador and Jahziel Manabat--the gutsy ladies who help answer your sex questions as FHM's Master Debaters--have been synonymous with FHM for as long as we can remember.

This month though, Abby and Jahziel take a break from the usual sex-question shenanigans to give us the Christmas treat we've always yearned for: themselves, happily wrapped in tiny fabrics. You ain't getting such a thing from Santa!

But before you view the rest of their “gifts,” promise us: Please keep your hands away from those hanging Christmas socks. Merry Christmas, FHM Nation!

We just made Christmas a whole lot sexier. How was it shooting with gold gift boxes, a lucky reindeer, and sour candy canes?
Abby: It was fun and it really reminds me that Christmas is really near na pala! It's nice to think that even you guys are excited for that day.
Jahziel: Sobrang fun! Christmas na Christmas na talaga! Ang sarap mag-make out sa candies, reindeers and sa gift boxes! Ha ha!

And you pretty much used those cane candies. Ever seduced a guy using a candy canes?
Jahziel: Oo naman! Naalala ko before sa ex-boyfriend ko, while we’re drinking sa house, may nakita akong [cane]candy. Then I thought of something naughty and started teasing him by licking it. Nilandi ko talaga yung candy! After that, ako naman ang ginawa niyang candy! Sarap!

Abby: Ako, no. Not yet. But I have tried using chocolate syrup many times. I love pouring it all over my boyfriend’s you know what and lick it. Yummy!

Okay. So, any Christmas plans? How do you plan to spend the holidays?
Abby: For Christmas, honestly, wala talaga. I don’t really celebrate kasi. I grew up with my parents for 19 years and they are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and we never celebrate for these occasions. It’s really boring at first but I got used to it. Besides I’m really busy with my work as OIC in a casino, and almost every night nasa work ako. Kahit this Christmas may pasok ako. Gusto ko nalang matulog ,every rest day ko. Ha ha!

Jahziel: Same lang din every year. I’ll spend it with my family and friends. Also,  every year kasi may “palarong pambata” ako. So, dun ako magiging busy and para naman give back the blessings di’ba? May pa Ms. Gay ako, dance contest, etc. Basta bongga siya!

And what would be the things that you’d wish for Santa to give you?
Jahziel: Gusto ko bahay, Ferrari, or 10 Billion pesos, mas bongga kung dollars! Ha ha ha. Pero seriously, good health lang talaga. For me and lalo na sa parents ko. And siyempre mas masarap na sex for year 2014!

Abby: House and lot na lang, Santa! Ang hirap kasi pag-ipunan ‘nun kaya I’ll wish it na lang. Ha ha! Pwede rin pet na bear or tiger na talagang magiging friends ko sila at hindi nila ako kakainin! I really love pets and dream ko talaga na magka-pet na bear or tiger.

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