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FHM Idols February 2015: At Home With Aifha Medina

Aifha whips up something sexy for you this February!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 27, 2015
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Last month, we promised you a fresh and exciting section that will be the new source of your weekend search for online goodness.  And because we’re true to our word, FHM Nation, we present to you the FHM Idols!

Just like its predecessor, FHM Idols will give you the latest and hottest photos of your favorite celebrities. But with a little extra oomph. Not only will it satisfy your hunger for something sexy, it also aims to help you decode one of the biggest mysteries in the universe–women. And how will it do that? Well, it's simple really: We ask our Idols! 

Now, it's time for you to meet our first FHM Idol, Aifha Medina!

They say the kitchen is a place only for women. It might sound quite sexist–no, wait, it really is sexist–but we kind of want to agree with the idea every time we burn our scrambled eggs.

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If only saying the words "Ping! Ping!Ping!" and "Yum! Yum! Yum!" could do the trick and help us tap at least 20 percent of Chef Boy Logro's cooking prowess, but we all know that it won't. The next thing we know, we're dialing our mom's number to help us remember the taste of her menudo and save our sorry instant-noodles-nutritioned asses.

This brings us to Aifha, who herself loves to cook, telling us that it's really okay for us not to channel our inner-Erwan Heussaff if we want to date someone as hot as Anne Curtis. Wait, is she saying that no-cook noodles are fine? "To be honest, it's really not a big deal but it helps [if you know how to cook]," she tells us. "We’re not really expecting you to be master chefs but it can be something we can bond over, especially on my case since I love to cook."

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So before you plonk your ass on the sofa to watch some basketball and leave your woman all alone in the kitchen, think of Aifha...stripped down to her undies, having some sexy fun whipping something together. You might want to help her out. 

What’s the proper way of approaching women?
As long as you approach me in a polite manner, yung hindi ako mababastos, that’s fine with me. There are some guys who are very conceited, mayabang sila makipagusap. I believe girls won’t be suplada as long as maayos ka na tao kausap.

What are the things we MUST NOT SAY when we’re trying to hit on someone?
Maybe… Just don't be too straightforward! Ha ha!  

For the record: Do we really need to a have pick-up line ready?
A big no. It’s a big fat lie. It really doesn't work. 

Any tips for guys who still get nervous when on a date?
There’s really no secret! Just be yourself! You really don’t have to always put your best foot forward, just be true to your date and to yourself. You’ll tend to get nervous kasi if you know you’re doing something that’s not really you.

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Since it's February can you give us some ideas on how to impress our Valentine dates?
You really don’t need to make it lavish. You can make a reservation in a nice restaurant and enjoy a simple dinner. It’s really the thought that counts. Maramdaman mo yung effort ng tao para sa date niyo. Bringing flowers and/or chocolates is a big yes.  You can also try dinner by the beach, ako kasi mahilig mag-beach.

Of course, we won’t go empty-handed. In your opinion, aside from flowers and chocolates, what kind of gifts should we bring our girl?
If you can afford to buy branded ones, why not? It really depends on how far your budget can go. I believe flowers and chocolates are okay, as long as galing sa puso.

Polo or not? How should a guy dress if he’s on a date?
Yes please, wear a polo or anything that’s really appropriate. Remember, it’s a date. Girls really appreciate it if you make an effort to dress up for the occasion. You can never go wrong by looking clean and wearing the basics. And lastly, don’t forget to wear perfume. Dapat mabango.

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Do we need to shave or do girls find five o’clock shadows or stubbles hot? Totoo bang swabe ang may bigote?
I go for the clean shave. It makes you look neat and give us an idea on how you value your grooming. But still iba-iba pa rin ang gusto ng girls, but that’s my opinion

Do love letters still work?
Yes! Iba kasi kapag handwritten, you know he exerted some effort. I love reading love letters, it really makes me feel so special.

Any particular thing that can make you feel kilig without fail?
Being a good singer and dancer can help you look cool and nakakakilig. Also, there’s this one thing that never ceases to make me feel giddy, and it’s being kissed on my forehead.

They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, is it the same for women?
To be honest, not really but I can say it helps. We’re not really expecting you to be master chefs but it can create some special bonding siguro, lalo na sa'kin kasi mahilig ako magluto rin.

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How many pogi points if a guy knows how to cook?
If we’ll rate it from one to ten, I’ll give it an eight.

Can you give us a sort of cheat sheet on decoding women?
Get to know her likes and interests and a make sure that you can make time to be with her. Always show effort in any way. Now, if you want to get a girl’s number, ask her personally, but take note: Don’t be aggressive, go for the friendly approach. Lastly, make sure not to waste her time, dapat walang dull moments.

What’s the secret to having girls to invite us inside their rooms to seal a date night?
That’s a toughie! Sorry, but I think us, ladies, would want to keep that a secret! Ha ha! Pero siguro sa akin, I’ll say yes if you treated me good right from the start. It’s really up to you, guys!

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