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AJ Sachi - Online Babe August 2012
AJ Sachi isn't keen on showbiz. But we think she'd fit right in.
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 2, 2012
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Showbiz really isn’t in AJ Sachi’s plans in the foreseeable future. It scares her, she says. But we think she’d fit right in.

First and foremost, she isn’t averse to public attention, which is quite crucial for anyone looking to be a celebrity. She doesn’t exactly love the attention, she says, but what options does a sweet, sexy morena have? The men will be looking anyway. And this is why we apologize in advance for any jealousy she might inspire in girlfriends catching their boyfriends looking her way.

Might we add that she’s a cosplayer. That type isn’t allergic to extended stares too.

What options does she have? We guess she could show less skin, but what are we talking about? Flaunt what you got, AJ, and let them hate. In showbiz, there will be haters, lots of them. But if our conversation was any indication, seems like she'll be able to handle those well. When the questions come—and there’s no shortage of those too in showbiz—we know she’ll answer those with a straight face. The same way she answered us when we put our best Boy Abunda face on, and asked how she handled it when her boyfriend left her for her friend. (“Civil lang,” she answers.) We can imagine the headlines already.

Meanwhile, you can expect a lot of love from us, AJ. And attention. We’ll stare until the monitor blushes.  

Welcome back AJ. You were intensely silent during the shoot. Is that simply how you work?
I was just a bit nervous. I didn’t expect I’d have an audience today, so that made me a bit nervous. Eventually, I got past that, and just focused on the camera.

My very first sexy shoot was in the beach, an open area, with the sun out and all. It’s a different experience shooting in a small, enclosed space. Intense!

Before you went sexy, you said you were a cosplayer. Can you tell us how you broke into the scene?
My friends, and cousins invited me to this event, where we’ll be wearing costumes. Ako, game naman, trip lang. I was around 16 then, dalaga na rin.

I wasn’t really super into it, but eventually, that’s how I got invited to a shoot by a photographer. I acquired a lot of costumes then, which I don’t get to wear a lot anymore. My friends try to buy them from me now. Haha.

Who was the first character you portrayed?
This anime character named Taiga Aisaka. Imagine a traditional Japanese schoolgirl in short skirt and high socks, and that’s it.

I love that she’s gorgeous and hot, and that she always gets teased by her friends for liking this guy character in the cartoon.

When did you become aware that you’d be fit playing the role of the hot girl?
Haha I guess in high school. But I was really kind of shy before. When I started doing cosplay and I started joining “star search” contests in high school, I slowly began to open up. Mahiyain ako before, pero ngayon, not anymore.

The first time I joined a bikini open contest, which happened to be in Laguna where I used to stay, I remember hearing the people shouting. I was backstage, and I could hear them. I was very nervous. Onti-onti, I learned to fight off that feeling. I kept on joining these kinds of events, car shows, and photoshoots until I made it to your magazine. Haha.

Sabi ko nga sa sarili ko dati, once makapag-pose ako for FHM, I’ll stop. That was my goal.

Guess that explains why you’re here for a second time.
Haha. Eh naisip ko na rin if for FHM naman, why not? Eh ‘di pagpatuloy ko na! Go na!

What goals do you have after FHM?     
I have to think about my future. I’d like to go into business, start a restaurant, and give my family a comfortable life. ‘Yun lang naman, talaga. Modeling is really a sideline. There are people who tease me about going into showbiz but that’s scary! Okay na ako sa modeling. Haha.

Someone offers you a part in an indie film. What role would you not say no to?
Bad girl tingin ng mga tao sa ‘kin eh, so maybe a role opposite that.

A bad girl, huh? Care to explain?
Haha. Parang ganun kasi ‘yung dating ko ‘eh, sabi na rin ng mga naging photographers ko. In college, I’d always feel they were talking about me, pag pasok ko palang sa gate.

Are there any scandals you’d like to tell us about?
Haha wala! Basta, ganito lang ‘yun: parang some girls would go jealous kasi ‘yung boyfriend nila nakatingin sa ‘kin. Naiinis sila. They thought I was being a cocktease, eh hindi naman. Siguro when I’m in front of the camera, or when I’m trying to project during a bikini contest, that’s the closest I’ve ever been a cocktease. And that’s it.

Do you think being a cocktease is a bad habit?
Hindi naman siya intentional for some girls eh. I think some girls are just naturally sexy.

Have you ever teased your guy with a little bit of role-playing in the bedroom?
Haha. Honestly, oo. Pero medyo funny yung nangyari.

I tried to surprise my boyfriend one time. I went into the bathroom, and put on my favorite cosplay get-up: a schoolgirl. Nag stockings ako, nag skirt, and nag uniform. Kompleto. Ayun, paglabas ko, na-surprise naman siya…in a way I didn’t expect. Sabi ba naman niya, “Anong nangyari sa ‘yo? Bakit balot na balot ka?!”

Disappointed, all I could say was “Ay, pangit ba?” Haha. Wala nakong magawa, so I just gave him a lap dance.

We hope he finally understood what you were trying to do.
Haha. Sana naman!

Are you still together with your boyfriend?
Currently, wala akong boyfriend. The most recent one broke up with me. I won’t go into detail but it just didn’t feel like it was the right time. Months lang naman kami tumagal. At least I have more time for modeling now.

Months? What’s the longest relationship you’ve been in?
My longest was two years, pero long distance. That was back in college, and he was from another country.

That’s an impressive run for an international affair.
Long distance relationships do work. Yun nga lang, you have to be really, really loyal. Hindi pwedeng madali kang ma-tempt, lalo na ‘pag isang taon na kayong hindi nagkikita.

So who was the unfaithful one that caused the break up?
Ganito kasi nangyari. My friend, by chance, became kind of like text-mates with my boyfriend then. Nagka-developan sila, tapos siniraan ako nung friend ko. She told him na may boyfriend daw ako dito sa Pilipinas, which wasn’t true. So ayun, we broke up. I was civil about it. If the guy was really in love with me, and he was loyal with me, hindi naman siya maniniwala eh.

Ooh, betrayal. Okay, so for future applicants, what are your requirements?
’Yung kaya akong intindihin at ‘yung ginagawa ko. Someone who wouldn’t judge me. Hindi ‘yung aakalaing flirt ako dahil sexy ako manamit. And someone who wouldn’t get in the way of my modeling career.

Not very particular about looks. Tingin ko wala naman pangit eh, meron lang kulang sa paligo! Haha.

There must be something that you look for physically!
I really like chubby men. Promise. Gusto ko ‘yung pag hinug ko, ‘yung malaman talaga kasi payat na nga ako eh. Regarding abs? Okay lang, pero mas gusto ko pa rin chubby. Haha.  

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