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Let Ukranian Model Alla Give You A Sugar Rush

It's easy to fall under her sweet spell
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 30, 2017
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Alla is easily one of the most beautiful women we’ve had the pleasure of working with. This Ukrainian model thoroughly busted the pretty airhead stereotype (she’s into psychology!), but what we loved the most was just how damn pleasant it was to meet her. If you’ve ever feared talking to a beautiful foreign model, you’ll forget all those doubts once this sweet-tongued lady starts talking. Seriously, when was the last time you fell in love with a girl because of how great she sounds? 

How long have you been in the Philippines?

Nine months here and around four years in Asia. I like the Philippines, I would like to come back here again after going home. But I am freaking out about the earthquakes! My condo is on the 24th floor!

Is Manila a scary place?

No, I love the energy and the people. Honestly, I love everything but the earthquakes! They make me feel a little bit unsafe!

Well, we heard that you were scared of doing a sexy shoot with us…

No, it’s just that I want to keep the photos classy. I’m not scared. I enjoyed our shoot. It was kind of interesting and exciting!

Definitely classy, and also we all found your mannerisms very cute! It may not exactly be seen in the photos but do you get that comment a lot?

Yes, but I think I wasn’t very cute this time so I’m sorry! But I’m trying my best! Sometimes,  when you have such a small room, and there are many people, it’s just kind of, you know...



We didn’t mind at all! Don’t’ worry about it. Are you a very private person in real life?

Well, I honestly enjoy being by myself or with my boyfriend, but at the same time, I love socializing. But I wouldn’t be sad if I were alone either.

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Are you really soft-spoken? No wild parties?

I have a wild side but not too wild, ha ha! Of course, I do party.

What else keeps you busy?

I like psychology. I like to read about spiritual stuff. I like to learn about a person's character. 

Is psychology what you studied in school?

No, but I  I enjoy it—Psychology and how people behave.

Any plans of becoming the world’s hottest psychologist?

Maybe! I was thinking of getting a second degree as a psychologist. I studied to be a management economist. 


Did you actually work as one?

I’ve been working two years as an economist. It was claim work—it’s like they have a contract and you have to deal with the department of marketing, or department of whatever, and you have to fix all that stuff. It’s a very boring job! I’m short and I never thought that I could be a model like, for abroad. But it happened!

How did you transition from desk work to this?

I always liked to take pictures. I get excited by art and photoshoots. I was doing them for fun at first, to express myself, and then I got offered a contract.

To work in Asia?

Yes, and then I quit my job and thought, “whatever, let’s explore while we’re still young!”

So were you, or are you, a nerd?

No, not at all, ha ha!

Well, you seem pretty interested in nerdy things. 

You know, when you’re 16 and you have to choose what to study, it seemed kind of cool and popular to become a manager or economist. It gives you money. That’s why I chose it, but I don’t even have the logical brain for it! I don’t know what I’m going to do [beyond modeling], but I know it’s not going to be economy stuff anymore!

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Maybe your psych passion then, or something else you love?

Could be! I love painting and drawing. Whatever I can draw—little portraits, flowers.

How are you as a romantic partner?

I think I’m very conservative. I have a boyfriend and I’m not the kind of girl who changes boyfriends for fun or experience. I have to feel something to get into a relationship. I need to feel secure and loved.

So what did your man have to do to win you over?

It was a long story and he kind of fought for me.  

Is intelligence important?

Honestly, I don’t know. You can love the guy who cleans the floor, right? Sometimes, he has more that he can offer you as a soul mate.

It’s something intangible that counts then.

Yes, I do believe in that honestly. It also depends on what he has inside.  It really depends on your feelings.

And what are your feelings like?

I think I’m pretty friendly and maybe funny! I can be silly, but I can also be serious and think about life. 

Producer Mary Rose A. Hogaza  Photographer Shaira Luna  Stylist Debra Bernales  Makeup & Hair Rhoy Cervantes  Lingerie Sexy Secrets  Bikini Cesa

Special thanks to Belmont Hotel Manila located at Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay City. For more information, contact (02) 318-88-88 or check their website.

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