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Althea Wang - FHM 100% Hottie March 2012
We played with the lights a little, and then this sexy lass showed up!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Mar 1, 2012
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“No pick-up lines for me.” Althea Wang said when we asked her what turns her off.  She just finds too much of it corny. “Dati kasi may nanligaw sa akin sa school, halos araw-araw kung ano-anong sinasabi niya sa akin na pick-up lines. Sobrang na- turn-off ako.” She explains.  Point taken, Althea, point taken.

Somehow, we can’t blame that unlucky person, when he let his emotions took better of him. Just take a glimpse of her. Ain't she the pick-up-line generator?! Spot-on curves, checked. Sweet looking face, checked. Screaming sex appeal, double checked. Just choose your inspiration, gents.


But if you really can’t hold those lines and you want to test them on this FHM Hottie, then fire away, buddy. The comment section will be waiting for them. And who knows, maybe Althea too!

We meet again! How did this shoot differ from the previous ones?
Hello! Yeah, it’s been a year since the last time I did a shoot for FHM. Mas ok yung ngayon, mas masaya siya and comfortable din ako sa mga kasama ko. And nagustuhan ko yung mga pictures nung nakita ko kanina.

That’s good to hear. Are you still in school?
Yes. I stopped school for a while to focus on my modeling career. Then naisip ko mas gusto ko palang to finish my studies first. I’m taking up HRM now.

You must be popular in school especially amongst the male population?
Surprisingly, hindi nila alam. And simple lang ako sa school. Naka-eyeglasses lang ako, simple parang walang alam – pa-innocent! Parang Virgin Mary. (Giggles)

That sounds like a different person from the Althea we’re seeing now.
Siguro, hindi ko na rin kasi naaisip na kailangan ko pa mag-makeup or mag-ayos para pumasok sa school kasi nandoon naman ako para mag-study.

Any  other changes since the last time we saw you?
Wala naman masyadong pagbabago.  Ha ha ha! Siguro medyo hindi lang ako masyadong pala-labas ngayon, like gimik.  Yung schedule ko rin kasi hindi ok, I have class from Monday to Saturday, and maraming ginagawa. Sobrang naka-focus lang talaga ako sa studies ko ngayon.

Thank you for finding us time, despite school. You seem to be a hardworker. What kind of business are you looking to put up when you graduate?
Siguro I’ll be having my own coffee shop.


Tough competition. How are you going to make your shop different from all the rest?
Kasi mas hot yung coffee ko kasi hot din yung owner! Ha ha ha!

We love the idea. That’s a perfect tagline right there!
Maybe I can make them coffee with just apron on? (Laughs) Let’s see, hindi ko pa naman siya totally nagpag-iisipan kung paano.

What’s your favorite body part?
My butt.

 For sure, you’re aware that guys will sometimes ogle you from behind.
Uhum. Hindi na naman ako naiilang. Ok lang siya. They’re admiring lang naman sana.

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