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FHM Idols June 2015 - Let's Go Out Of Town With Angela Gabrielle

Pack your bags—we’re vacay-ing with an FHM favorite!
by Alex Paita | Jun 26, 2015
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Sound the trumpet, beat the drum! Your favorite FHM Hottie turned nurse turned FHM Idol is back with a vengeance! And by with a vengeance, we mean she's throwing away all cares (and some clothes) to make up for lost time.

You know how we here give our balikbayan friends the VIP treatment after they’ve been away for a long time—by taking them out of town for some pampering. So we invited Angela Gabrielle to a quick picnic/catching up where the grass is green, and consulted her on matters outdoor-sex related along the way.

How’s that for pasalubong?

How does it feel to be back?

A week after coming back from Jeddah, jetlag pa rin. How long has it been? A year? Fifteen months or so. Isa lang ang masasabi ko: Hindi naging madali ang buhay sa Saudi. Mahirap. Yung mga drama ng OFW na sa balita ko lang napapanood, halos naranasan ko rin lahat yun!

It didn’t show in the sexy selfies you posted online while you’re there, though…
And food shots! If you don't mind me bragging, natuto akong magluto, ha ha! Total change of lifestyle din ang nangyari sa akin dun. Maliban sa na-culture shock na sa sobrang dami ng bawal sa bansa nila, I learned how to be independent, patient, and tough all throughout my stay.

It’s okay, you’re safe now. What made you come back? Are you staying here for good?
I’ll be around for quite a while—early next year ako aalis ulit.

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You seemed to really enjoy this shoot. What outdoor activities do you enjoy the most?
Does drinking count? Ha ha! I enjoy the beach—everything about it. In fact, I even took scuba-diving lessons kasi gusto ko talagang ma-explore yung ilalim ng dagat.

Any weird discoveries underwater?
Nothing much. Everything underneath is just beautiful.

What’s the strangest item you pack in your bag before going out-of-town?
My 27-year-old pillow. Ha ha! Hindi kasi ako makakatulog nang wala yun.

What’s so special about it?
I’ve been with that pillow since I was born—and we’ve been inseparable since. Andun lahat ng luha, pawis, ihi, at lahat ng bodily secretions ko—and yes hindi ko siya pinapalabhan. Ha ha!

We think we have a pillow like that too. Care for a trade?
Ha ha ha!

Do you prefer sunny or rainy weather?
Sunny, but after staying for a year sa desyerto, I kind of miss the rain.

What do you like doing during a stormy weather?
Kapag mag-isa ako, maghanda ng lighter at kandila, at baka mag-brownout! Ha ha! Mag-yosi. Mag-inom. Masarap gawin yan kapag maulan.

Nighttime or daytime?
Nighttime—nocturnal ako eh.

What's the longest time you’ve stayed awake?
Since I am a nurse, my job required me to stay awake for almost 30 hours din.

Next to the beach, what kind of outdoor environment do you enjoy?
Actually wala na. I don’t go out that often. Napaka-home buddy ko eh, ha ha!

Then you must’ve made the most out of the few times you were outdoors—say, on the beach…
Ha ha! Let’s just say “sex on the beach” isn’t just a drink anymore.

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Speaking of which: Sex before you sleep or when you wake up?
I prefer upon waking up—morning sex! Totoo yun when they say morning sex is the best.

When it comes to outdoor sex, what is best?
First, do it standing or doggy-style—not only because it’s hard to do it lying down, but also prevents genital contact with the ground, and thus, decreases the risk for infection. Second, always have a tissue in your bag, pampunas after. If wala, you might as well consider No. 3, which is: swallow…para walang kalat. Ha ha!

How about dealing with the authorities? Any tips on that?
OMG. I haven’t thought of that. So make sure na lang you don't get caught!

This means you’ve tried all these tips yourself, doesn’t it?
Ha! Practice what you preach!

Are you into sending out signs that you’re up for something kinky, or are you more direct to the point?
I am more direct to the point. Hindi ko rin alam how it happens, but whenever I want it, you’ll definitely know it.

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