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Ann Miranda - FHM 100% Hottie November 2014

This month's <em>FHM</em> 100% Hottie, Ann Miranda, likes guys who are patient and have self-control&ndash;especially once she begins taking off her clothes like this!
by Anton D. Umali | Nov 3, 2014
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No matter how many times we encounter walking contradictions, such as car show model Ann Miranda, there’s still no denying their indubitable appeal.

The fact that she can unashamedly strip for your visual pleasure while still maintaining that classy air of a traditional woman when talking about first dates and first kisses is the secret ingredient to her potent sex appeal. The connection she stirs within is instant. Gratifying. Overpowering, even. 

She knows how to spin men around her pretty little finger with moves that are as enticing as they are mysterious. And although her bare bum and lusciously bronze skin are enough to hold your attention, you’ll be happy to know that she’s very much into lap dances, mirrors, and sex up against walls.

Intimidated yet? You should be. Ann’s already got you where she wants you.

Congratulations on being this month’s 100% Hottie!

FHM approached me around two years ago but I was still too young back then. I decided not to do the shoot. After numerous car shows and photo-shoots, I’m glad you guys took notice and decided to call me again!

So how did your modeling career actually start? Where were you discovered?
I think I have to thank Facebook for this. About three or four years ago may mga invitations na sa akin for modeling gigs. At first nagdadalawang isip ako, but those inviting kept insisting and professional naman sila kaya pumayag na rin ako.

Being a 100% Hottie demands a lot of skin. Have you always been the type of girl who doesn't mind channeling her sexuality?
It was a very unforgettable experience and really fun. Although sa umpisa sobrang naiilang talaga ako, but everything turned out okay. I don't mind channeling my sexuality as long as hindi naman bastos.

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Were you intimidated with the concept of the shoot, where you have to slowly strip your clothes away?
Yes! Despite having experience with sexy shoots, I felt intimidated by this one, not because of the sexy concept, but because this is FHM!

Do you think it's important for a person to be able to project her sexiness?
Yes! As long as you have the guts, di ba? Why not? It still depends on the capabilities of the person. May mga babae din kasing nahihiya about their sexuality. Pero ako, I'm content with my body and I'm proud of it.

So how do you thank your body after a hard day’s work?
I’m just like any other ordinary girl–I do a lot of shopping. 'Pag depressed talaga ako yun lang yung way ko para maging masaya. Yun lang talaga! Ha ha! Minsan karaoke with friends. I also enjoy going out of town. Pero usually kasi I go out by myself. I have this habit of eating and watching movies alone. I'm an independent woman and I'm more confident being alone. Mas nakakapag-isip ako pag ganun.

What kind of man would it take for you to ditch the solidarity for some company?
Of course I need a guy who will be faithful. Gusto ko rin yung husband material. I don't like being with someone who's too childish. I also want a man who is sweet, romantic, and would never cheat on me no matter what.

Go on, we’re listening.
He should also be able to make me feel good about myself. He should be trustworthy and respectful. As for looks naman, mas gusto ko yung moreno. Ayoko ng maputi. I don't know why, maybe I just don't find it sexy. Kahit hindi malaki katawan basta proportioned, okay na. He just has to be taller than me, ha ha! Flexible naman ako when it comes to facial features basta maganda yung eyes and nose.

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Photography Jerico Montemayor  Styling Deb Bernales  Makeup Rhina Montemayor  Hair Georm Imperial
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