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Anna Scott - April 2008 Online Babe

<p>Tattooed on your mind</p>
| Apr 1, 2008
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Another batch of Anna’s photos will be uploaded next week only here on!

INTERVIEW: Ron Jay Eduvas
MAKEUP: Charina Montenegro
Special thanks to: Socialista Bar and Arch. Ray See


Needles pierce skin, leaving a blot of ink, a work of art worn forever. Tattoos have always been around. They weren’t just used to symbolize a culture or to simply tag a person’s identity. They were also an art form. Getting inked has always been a fancy of every one of us – and that’s a fact for sure.

Just like the rest of the world, we Filipinos are tattoo fanatics, from L.A. Ink quality of PhilTag tattoos to the undying “Bahala Na Gang” and “Guardian” tattoo signs, to Joaquin Bordado, that local hero who gets his powers from tattoos. And then there’s his hot nemesis. Minerva. That sexy and seductive villain, who, of screen, goes by the name of Anna Scott.

Let this former Hot Babe stunner and now one of the sexy cast of GMA’s primetime show, accompany you all through the rest of summer as she strike deadly poses one after another here in! Apart from getting your hands full with her assets, you’ll soon be privy of Anna’s steamy sexcapades. So what you waiting for? Visit her page now!

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