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Chloe Dauden - FHM Online Babe September 2013

Former Ms. World Second Princess and 26K girl proves to us all that she's not just a pretty face!
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 5, 2013
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Inside a cavernous warehouse for old magazines and props was a secret every working man in the area was dying to take a peek at. A glimpse was all they wanted of the treasure we had brought in that day. But like anything of great value, we couldn’t help but be a little selfish with it.

That secret, which we were going to reveal in due time anyway, went by the name Chloe Dauden—she of the alabaster skin, and silky, long legs. If you have seen her before, like that time when she posed in our March 2013 issue as one of our Girls Of Summer, of course you’d die for a chance to see the beauty queen in person. Even if you had known that the photos would eventually be published, an opportunity to snap a phone-photo for your own perusal was simply too golden a chance to miss out on.

Unfortunately for them, we were determined to keep things sealed. Well, until now, because here in these galleries is our revelation.

That she is stunning, however, isn't the only revelation that will be made today. In our conversation, the outspoken, young actress—the progeny of '60s goddess Marlene Dauden—proved that she’s more than just a pretty face. She’s currently finishing up college, wherein she notes that her classmates are some of the most supportive people around. She’s a legit beauty queen, coming home from the 2011 Ms. World-Philippines as Second Princess. She hates stupid movies but loves a good book.

She also has a take on social issues. Like sex tapes, for example: “Kasi ang babae dapat nirerespeto lagi yan. Kung wala siyang respeto sa sarili niya, ikaw ang magturo sa kanya. Like if gusto niya na mag-video kayo, i-explain mo sa kanya kung bakit yung mga ganoong ka-private na moments hindi na kailangan pang i-video."

If anything, Chloe proves that you can be smart while being sexy, and that sexy rarely means you have to act like some ho. Our advice: tell that to your girlfriends before you ever decide to get the tape rolling. Some secrets (like Chloe’s beauty) deserve to be shared; and some you should just keep to yourself.

You experienced being in front of people while in skimpy clothing in Miss World. How does that compare to doing it in front of the camera?
Yung sa Miss World, well, kasi lahat kayong contestants naka-swimsuit, so walang lamangan. Ilang seconds lang din naman yung walk niyo, tapos magpapalit na kayo into your long gowns. Unlike pag sa magazine, mas daring siya and you can experiment more. It’s expected in pageants that you wear those things on stage, so chicken na lang siya. During shoots, you’re treading new territory.

Before Miss World, you were a part of the show, Deal Or No Deal...
Yes, I was there for three years from 2006 to 2009. It was my first taste of showbiz, and I was doing that while I was in college.

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