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Christine Nano - FHM 100% Hottie June 2013

Tourism student Cristine Nano makes rude men out of us
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 3, 2013
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Even the most polite of men will have a hard time pulling their gaze away from 20-year-old Tourism student, Christine Nano, and her appealing ampleness. In case there is some confusion, we'll go ahead and make it clear that we are talking about breasts here—nothing more, nothing less. In Christine's case, the case is usually "more," as these pictures reveal.

At a time when long legs framed breathtakingly in short shorts have become the new sexual obsession—fueled in no small part by the girls of K-pop—Christine arrives just in time to remind us of that big is still beautiful. Also, big is sill mesmerizing; it continues to makes our blood simmer; and can forever awake the greedy pig that resides in all men's hearts, desiring little else but to grab "more" for themselves than anyone else.

Even at a younger age, she has been aware that she was growing at a faster rate than the other girls around her. Christine reveals the other girls in high school would sometimes comment, "Ano ba 'yan, sobrang laki ng boobs!" as if it had been her sin to be naturally blessed. But instead of hunching over to avoid standing out, she had learned early on to embrace it as an asset—the culmination of which you'll see on these pages. As for those other girls in high school? We can only hope that they've gone on to do good things as well with whatever natural talents they've been given.

Meanwhile, please excuse us as we let our blood simmer for a long, rude while.

Hi Cristine, this is your first time to be an FHM model. How are you feeling?
Noong una, dapat talaga marami kang experience sa mga shots na dapat sexy. Dapat kailangang din when your body emotes, your face emotes din. So dapat pagsabayin mo lang. Then yung mga sexy shots, yung dapat tatanggalin yung clothes, for me it’s okay kasi parang kailan mo pa siya ipapakita di ba? Kung kelan may baby ka na? Matanda ka na? So for me, I choose this. I'm only flaunting what I have now.

You'll make guys happy with that mindset. Where does this frame of thinking come from?

 May mga friends kasi ako na masyado nilang tinago ang kagandahan nila way back. Eventually, nagsisi sila. I didn't want that to happen to me. Sinasabi nila, “Dapat nung dalaga ako nagganito, ganyan ako!” Even though may mga negative akong naririnig, I don’t pay them much attention. I'm doing what I love. And I'm just sharing whatever I have bago pa maging too late.

Well said. You seem to be adept in front of the camera. Do you practice your poses? Do you take selfies to see what looks good?
Ha ha! Hindi naman masyado. I take pictures with my camera, but other than that not much. Yung pagpo-pose sa mirror ng sexy, that's crazy, I don't usually do that! I guess pag may nakikita lang akong magandang pose sa magazine, I just copy them. As far as inspiration goes, yun lang siguro.

What's a sexy pose for you?
Siyempre yung makikita yung shape ng body mo! At siyempre yung nakikita 'yung shape ng boobs mo. I have no problems flaunting them because they are real.

Can we assume that your boobs are your favorite part of your body?
Yes, boobs! Ha ha! High school pa lang ako maraming nagsasabi na parangAno ba yan! Sobrang laki ng boobs!” Pero for me, wala lang. Sobrang virgin ko pa noon. Sobra.

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Photography Ria Regino Styling Geraldine Nuqui Hair and Makeup Marie Tan
Clothes by Rob Lim; Accessories from Bring by Bin Ubaldo
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