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Another batch of CJ's photos will be uploaded next week only here on FHM.com.ph!

Interview: Ron Jay Eduvas
Photography: Kai Huang
Styling and Makeup: Telay Robles
Special thanks to Mr. Anton Bocaling

Phobias. We call have them. Agoraphobia is fear of the open spaces. Ablutophobia is the fear of bathing. Genophobia, meanwhile, is fear of sex. It appears humans fear almost everything-the dark (Achluophobia), chicken (Alektorophobia), the dentist (Odontophobia). The dentist, especially, because as adults, you're supposed to be over and done with having teeth pulled out, blood, terror, numbed pain, and all. When those pearlies suddenly act up-hello root canal!-all cheery greetings find in the dentist's office morph into something of a "Welcome to hell" signage.

Dentists should know: those posters on your walls that try to paint dentists as shiny happy people, they don't work, doc. And neither does classical music. They don't take away the pain, no. What could work are, the anesthesia of course, and a nice-looking, hot dentist to give all that tender, loving, toothy care.

Enter this month's online babe CJ Jaravata. The stunning model, fine actress, and certified FHM babe is a soon-to-be dentist as well! Be prepared as she strikes you like anesthesia with her red-hot photos. You'll be smiling in no time, for sure.

Cj Jaravata - June 2008 Online Babe