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Daiana Menezes - FHM Online Babe May 2013

Daina Menezes. In a bikini. In Boracay. Who would say no to that?
by Ash Mahinay | May 3, 2013
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We Pinoy's have a big thing for foreigners–look no further than our very own Hot Turista section for proof (or the racks and racks of whitening products in the supermarket).

We're not sure whether this month's Online Babe qualifies as a tourist though. On one hand, she's a pure vision from the sunny shores of Brazil that convinces us everyone there is achingly beautiful and sexy. On the other hand, she's been a staple of the local entertainment scene for so long that she can speak Filipino better than some supposedly "homegrown" talents. She had even once appeared on our cover, and made more adorable a couple other issues. Whatever the case, we definitely have a strong affinity for this self-professed "Brazilipina."

However, our familiarity with her hasn't diminished the unattainability that surrounds foreign beauties like a force field–we still find ourselves awestruck whenever we somehow end up in their rarefied presence. Much less them actually noticing we exist.

That is why you (poor soul who didn't attend Bikini Heaven) definitely missed out on a lot, when FHM legend Daiana Menezes took to the ramp in a bikini that left little to the imagination. That night it felt so wrong to say that she fills out a suit really well when you can barely find a centimeter of extra flesh spilling over the taut strings of her swimsuit. And getting a chance to squirt her with a water gun while she gamely cavorted on stage? Priceless. How many of us can say we got cheeky with Daiana in our lifetimes?

But because we're bros, we spent an extra day with Miss Menezes in paradise to get these pictures for you. It's a tough job but someone has to do it...

How was your Bikini Heaven experience?
I think it's my third year in Bikini Heaven. It's always cool to be in Boracay, especially if you're one of the girls chosen by FHM to represent them in Bikini Heaven, because, aside from having fun, you're entertaining people. And, of course, you're part of FHM–it's not just any other event. It's something very important. For me, I just feel blessed na every year, nandito pa rin ako. Ha ha, parang hindi nagbago!

Are our beaches at par with those in Brazil?
Beaches are beaches anywhere, ha ha! I'm just kidding. I think with Boracay, there's no comparison. Boracay is the best beach I've ever been too. I've been to Amanpulo–and I'm not making bola–Amanpulo is like the most expensive, most private place in Palawan. It's perfect. But the feeling you have when you come to Boracay is different. You want to relax, you go to a certain resort. You want to do your yoga thing, you want to have some sports, whatever you want to have here, you can find; all because it's Boracay. And everybody knows the Philippines because of Boracay. I love it.

What are you favorite things to do while you're here?
Well, I love parasailing whenever I have time. And even if I don't look like I sunbathe, I do sunbathe because I wish I could be as dark as possible, ha ha! But hindi talaga ako umiitim, but I really try. So I love sunbathing, parasailing, swimming–lahat!

About that dark thing, does that mean you also go for a certain shade of man?
Yes, tall, dark, and handsome! People say it's cliché, but it's not. It really catches everyone's attention. If you see a guy who can carry his color, it's way, way better than any maputi or whatsoever.

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