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Danielle Castano - FHM Online Babe July 2013

Beauty queen in Bora!
by Alex Paita | Jul 5, 2013
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Danielle Castaño owns a spa that caters to all of humanity’s self-indulgence and beautification needs. We had her rolling on a dusty mattress inside a poop- and rodent-infested warehouse for her February 2012 cover with Jade Lopez. How ironic was that?

But Danielle isn’t easily put off by such small things. She likes being challenged.

Those who witnessed her Amazing Race Philippines stint last year know this too well. Our girl Dani isn’t about giving up so easily. For one dare in the show, she gobbled up 67 longanizas in one sitting. Even all the FHM staff’s appetites combined can’t stomach that. And we’re talking about those starved, penniless, malapit-na-kasi-suweldo days. We’re especially hungry during those days.

However, we had some extra money left so we flew her to Boracay last summer. The result, as you see, is breathtaking. At one point, we had her getting out of her comfort zone (aka her bikini top) to see how far we could challenge her. She agreed. She was calm and cool and steady despite the fact that she just did hours of hosting the night before. That was when we knew: We really like this girl…

We had you on the cover February last year. It appears a lot has happened since then…
Right after the cover, I auditioned for Amazing Race Philippines with TV5. I got in, and then after that I was in Wave 89.1 with DJ Logan. I really have fun in radio. I’m just continuing my business right now, which is Vela Body Care.

How was Amazing Race? You made quite an, um, impression there!
Oh my God, imagine ha, kumain ako ng 67 pieces na longaniza. May challenge kasi kami na either kakain kami or gagawa. Yung partner ko gusto niyang gumawa, pero sabi ko kainin na lang namin para mas mabilis. Seventy pieces yun, tig-35 dapat kami. Pero tatlo lang ang nakain niya, and then I ate the rest. Ha ha! But I really had a fun time during Amazing Race. My relationship with my friend, Michelle Van Ruyven, got stronger. Throughout the race hindi maiiwasan na super pressured kami, nag-aaway kami at sigawan nang sigawan, but at the end of the day, we still love each other. It was just a race anyway.

You mean all that bitching wasn’t scripted?
No, feeling ko sobrang lahat ng audience nagagalit sa akin sa panay mura ko at sigaw. Ha ha! Kasi I’m the type of person na kapag may challenge gusto ko talagang manalo. I will put all my best effort para makuha ko yung gusto kong ma-achieve.

We’re actually surprised to know you’re super friendly. We were shaking just a while ago before this interview…
If I like you, I like you. But I have to know the person muna bago ko sabihin na ayaw ko sa kanya. I’m the type of person na sobrang prangka. If you’re nice to me, I’m nice to you too. So equal lang tayo.

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