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Danielle Jane Curie – FHM’s #NewCrush August 2016

This month's muse considers herself a walking piece of art. We unequivocally agree
by Chise Alcantara | Aug 23, 2016
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Whether it's a painting at a museum that you stared and nodded at, or a piece of graffiti on the side of the road that caught your eye, it's such a sublime feeling to be moved by art. Luckily, we had the chance to witness a breathtaking display unfold (and undress) in front of us in the form of a gorgeous woman named Danielle Jane Curie.

Danielle started getting into tattoo art when she was a teenager. "I got my first tattoo when I was only 17. It was a Jewish Morning Star. I wasn't really prepared, and it was more of impulse and excitement that made me get it but thankfully I loved it. So much so that I got my second tattoo just two days after the first, ha ha!" says Danielle. She has since added more than 20 tattoos (we also tried counting during the shoot but were rather distracted by other aesthetically pleasing things about her).

Like most artists, Danielle has her own interpretation of her body of work. "That Jewish Morning Star had opposite elements to it: fire and water signifying balance." Two phrases written on her back "memento mori" and "memento vivere" roughly translate to "remember you have to die" and "remember to live," respectively. "I like portraying different aspects of myself through my body art," she explains. "I like exploring deeper meanings and showing people that I am outspoken."

Other than looking forward to the final product, Danielle also enjoys the actual crafting process. "I like the pain. Sometimes, there are moments that I want to feel the sensation again. To be honest, I'm always nervous whenever I get a new tattoo but once the artist gets started on me I get a lot calmer. Some of my friends say that I'm a masochist; I think they're right."


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Danielle's tattoos run all over the surface of her skin. "The amount of pain is different depending on which part is getting tattoo'd. My favorite parts to have done are my thighs. Tattoo artists always say that drawing on thighs just feels like drawing on paper!"

She shares she has plans to have some of her tattoos covered up to make room for more intricate and meaningful designs. "I was pretty impulsive getting my earlier tattoos because I just wanted to get more and more. But now I have time to think things through; I only have limited space on my body since, and I still want to be able to wear a dress without people spotting my tattoos. Most people here in the Philippines are still quite close-minded to this art form."

"Some people say that they love my tattoos; some people say I'm just vandalizing my body. I wish they wouldn't question my decisions in life because I don't care about theirs. I'm just happy that I'm able to express myself in such a beautiful way. I just wish that someday people would learn to appreciate or at least accept this art form."

We're hoping her appearance here could be some of start.


To know more about Danielle, you can read her slumbook entry here. You can also see more of her photos on the gallery below.

(Click here for the high-res version)

Photography Paolo Ruiz  Styling J-Em Sta. Ana  Makeup Rhina Montemayor  Hair Georm Imperial  Produced by Gelo Gonzales  Swimwear by @pixieflairshop  Special thanks to Nikko Martinez

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