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Darline and Caren - FHM 100% Hottie December 2013

Sisters Darline and Caren spell double trouble!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Dec 2, 2013
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We have featured pairs here before on FHM 100% Hottie. Remember good friends Tracy Torres and Mellow Johnson (arguably the most NSFW shoot we’ve ever done)? How about the unlikely—yet still pants-tighteningly awesome—partnership of fellow “gifted” girls Jahziel Manabat and Zo Duro?

However, as much as it pains us to say this about something that involves our girl Jahziel, what you’re about to see is the nearest we’ll ever get to casting the perfect tandem 100% Hottie shoot. Gentlemen, meet models Darline and Caren. They’re equally stunning on their own, but together they create a force strong enough to tickle your mind crazy.

Oh yes, we did it: Welcome to the first-ever FHM 100% Hottie Sisters!

Like any other siblings, these two like to have a go at each other. From the moment they arrived in the studio up until the end of our day-long shoot, the sisters kept at it. They harangued our stylist over who gets to wear which clothes. They argued on the makeup chair over who’s prettier with what lipstick. They tried to out-pose one another, at one time even out-joke. But these were all just typical sister stuff, they tell us later.

"Tinatanong ko pa rin sa sarili ko yan until now," answers the older (and more mestiza) Darline when we ask about their playful personalities. ”Hindi kami mahilig sa sweets, pero palagi kaming sugar-high, hyper,” says Caren, the morena of the sisters.

The question now is can you handle the doubled up fun and nekkidness these sisters will bring? Well, you ought to—they're yours for what remains of 2013! But if you really need to prepare for it, read on as Darline and Caren out-cute each other on the interview front…

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We can tell that you have lots of sisterly love for one another. So, who’s the feistier one?
Caren: Siya!
Darline: Ha ha! Aminado naman ako roon, but kind of masungit lang.
Caren: Anong kind of? Paki-explain? Ha ha!
Darline: Kasi minsan lang [magsungit], kapag na-provoke lang.

As sisters, how do you treat each other?
Caren: Aside from being my sister, parang bestfriend ko na rin si Darline.
Darline: Normal, kasi di’ba kapag magkapatid naman, automatic na magkaibigan at magkakampi. We also share secrets. Actually, minsan lang kami nag-away and that happened nung mga bata pa talaga kami. Since then, hindi na.

Both of you have very playful personalities. Let's rephrase that, ang kukulit ninyo!
Both: Oh?!
Caren: Ang sakit naman.
Darline: Grabe. Mapang-judge ka. Ha ha ha!

Point proven. Who’s more makulit?
Darline: Si Caren kasi makulit kapag merong nangungulit. Ako naman, makulit talaga ako. Gusto ko lang talaga makulit lang, para mas masaya yung mga kasama ko. Pero minsan yata parang pang-bwisit na yung kakulitan ko. Ha ha ha!

Is there anything else that you differ on?
Caren: Magka-iba kami ng boyfriend? Ha ha!
Darline: Kasi siya gusto niya yummy na papa-licious, ako naman mas gusto ko older sa akin. Feeling ko kasi mas mature na sila humawak ng relationships, mas aalagan nila ako kasi alagain pa talaga ako. Si Caren, siya yung nag-aalaga!
Caren: Gaga! Ha ha ha!

Considering how close you are with each other, do you also have the same set of friends?
Caren: Well, yung kaibigan ko, kaibigan niya na rin. Actually kasi, wala siyang kaibigan! Ha ha ha!
Darline: Ha ha! Kasi ganito yun, maldita kasi talaga ako, ayaw ko nang ma-drama sa buhay. So, mas pinili ko and mas gugustuhin ko na kapatid ko na lang yung barkada ko, or kakilala niya rin yung mga friends ko. I really just want to getaway from all the drama.

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