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Erica Ocampo - FHM Online Babe June 2013

Erica Ocampo will give you a one sunshine-y day!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | May 31, 2013
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The weather during that lazy summer afternoon was torn between hoisting a beach-worthy sun or providing heat-relief in the form of a drizzle. Either way, the indecisive tone made the mood gloomier than it already was.

We tried to perk ourselves up by sipping caffeine in a cozy veranda while preparing for the shoot, and explaining how the makeup should look to the best of our cosmetic knowledge–which isn’t really much, we tell you. Just another day in the office, we told ourselves; and the coffee just as blah.

At least that had been the case until our model for the day, Erica Ocampo, noticed something familiar leaning against the wall. All of a sudden, she had this glimmer in her eyes, and etched on her face, a huge smile.

“Is that a surfboard?” she asked us hurriedly.

As if some invisible key had been turned, she began to open up and talk about how much of an island girl she is; how she fell in love with Bali and how she partied during her stay at Boracay. This woman, in the fraction of an instance, had changed the atmosphere. Where the coffee had failed, Erica’s mood-changing energy injected the shoot with a good dose of spirit.

The Erica Ocampo we are trumpeting, if you didn’t already know, is the Erica Ocampo of "Like A G6" fame—the same girl who went partying around town in Far East Movement’s music video, and whom we Googled for months, upon knowing that she has some Filipino blood in her. Who could have guessed that she’s more of a sunshine-y beach person than a club owl given her resume?

The obvious—the curves, the face, and how she’s the perfect stunner—are stated clearly in these pictures. Yet somehow, the surprises and secrets that this California-raised half-Filipina holds make her all the more potent in giving bored men a booming jolt. 

You’re originally from Los Angeles, but you’ve pretty been around the globe lately. Aren’t you getting tired of all this traveling?

Sometimes it’s hard. It’s like I’m living in different worlds. Los Angeles is different; Bali is different; here in the Philippines it’s different; even in Hawaii. But I still want to visit those places every year.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get back to LA?
I have to go to court. I have a ticket for texting and driving. Ha ha!

Lesson learned. You’re half-Filipina right?
Yes, I’m half-Filipina, and my grandmother is like a second mom to me. My grandma’s from San Fernando, Pampanga. So I really feel like I was raised as a Filipina even if I grew up in America because I’ve been raised in such a rich Filipino culture. But sometimes I get an impression of a little bit of everything—even here in the Philippines, sometimes they think I’m Brazilian. Ha ha!

What’s the most Filipina thing about you?
Maybe Filipino time? I’m always late! I’m definitely on Filipino time. I love sinigang. I grew up eating adobo, bistek, sinigang, though I’m vegetarian now. I still eat halo-halo.

When was the first time you had Jollibee?
How did you know I ate Jollibee? How did you know this? (Laughs)

We’re guessing it’s a Filipino thing?
During my last FHM shoot, I did eat Jollibee. I tried the pasta.

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