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Faye Bordeos - May 2009 Online Babe

Fast but not furious!

| May 22, 2009
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Some people say of all the signs in the Zodiac, it is the Scorpions that are the most gorgeous and the most sexually appealing. Skeptic? Here’s our evidence: The cold wind brought by the rain dissipated as the former RAN girl winner Faye Bordeos, was having her pictorial at Alex Restoration’s. Her searing curves and charm are enough to make the rain disperse into thin air even before it hits the ground. She’s disappeared from our radars for quite a while but with a bit of good luck, we have her back again, now as our FHM online babe.

Though she’s as hot as those bikini-clad archers you come across the game, she’s no longer our RAN girl. But don't get any ideas just yet. Here she is, the fabulous Faye Bordeos.

You’ve been gone quite a long time. Mind refreshing people the details of the fortunate event?
It was for RAN. I wasn’t aware that it was a competition. Akala ko it’s just for an ad for FHM. After its first release, nakita ko na competition na nga. Tapos nung nagshoot ulit for another one. After that, nag-shoot ulit for RAN calendar.

Have you ever played the game?
I don’t play the game. It was my ex-boyfriend ko, who was a bit into computer games. Then pinakita niya sa akin. I tried but ang alam ko lang is that it’s an online game.

It’s been years. Did you notice some changes with the way things are today?
Ngayon, I’m more comfortable kasi kilala ko yung mga co-workers ko. I’m not saying that before, hindi ako comfortable. Ngayon lang, at least lahat kilala ko na.

What made you decide to go for another round in FHM?
I had a shoot for Women’s Health. I saw Kai [the photographer] and some people from FHM. They asked me if I’m interested to pose for them but this time, for online.

What’s with the tattoo on your back?
I’m a Scorpio. Kaya ayan, may tattoo ako na Scorpio sa likod.

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