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DJ Jennifer Lee Will Mesmerize You With Her Sexy Beats!

The VIVA Hot Babe-turned-DJ and December's FHM Idol treats you to an awesome party!
by Ginyn Noble | Dec 7, 2015
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Some guys are jaded with party girls. They're wild, outgoing, and probably not the type you'd want to bring home to mom.

DJ Jennifer Lee is, by profession, a party girl, but you'd still probably want to take her home to mom—her opinions be damned. She is our FHM Idol for December 2015. If she seems familiar, it's because she was once a part of the all-female group VIVA Hot Babes.

(Still taking her home to mom though if we had the chance.)

We last heard from Jen more than seven years ago, when she appeared as our August 2008 Online Babe. Since then, she’s made quite a name in another industry: clubbing. Jennifer is one of the fastest-rising female DJs in the country—a feat she’s juggling with her studies in Digital Marketing.

How'd she do it? Below, she recounts how she made the jump from screen siren to full-fledge club stormer. Consider this a proper reintroduction of a love once lost, now rediscovered, and one that's most definitely sweeter the second time around. You might even bust a move or two in glee (we did).

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How did you get into DJ-ing?
I give credit to DJs David Ardiente, Christian Raeuber, and Martin Pulgar who first introduced me to it. When I fell in love with it, I bought DJ equipment and became a bedroom DJ. It was a hobby for a while until I got invited to play in a friend's party. It was posted on social media and then I started getting calls and inquiries.

What made you decide to make the jump professionally?
I decided to take my training seriously and took formal DJ lessons at DJ Academy under DJ Sonny Abad. I also had practice sessions with DJ Crash and DJ Tom Fuellas. Pioneer DJ Philippines also helped me out with my setup! I must say that I was in good hands and that's why I progressed as a DJ and an artist.

You were first known as one of the Viva Hot Babes. Was the transition into being a DJ hard?
Not at all. I feel welcome in this industry. As an artist, I think showbiz and the club scene are similar in a way because you're there to perform for the crowd. I consider our top DJs in the country as celebrities as well. They are also featured on television, radio, and magazines—just like showbiz personalities. Singing, dancing, and acting are their tools; ours is music.

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How would you describe your music?
Euphoric. I like music that's uplifting and powerful. If my mix can draw energy from the crowd then it means I'm doing something right. Although I know that music is subjective and that you can't please everyone. However, if only a few people can't understand my music while the majority is bouncing to it, then maybe they are just in the wrong party.


How do you prepare for a gig?
I learned that to be a good DJ, you have to spin by feel. So I don't usually prepare now as much as before. If you take it too seriously and create a pre-organized playlist, you'll miss the most important aspect of DJ-ing which is reading the crowd.

But before you "read" into anything or anyone, you must first be familiar with the tools of the trade, and know how to set-up and operate these complicated gadgets. Jennifer provides us a starter kit:

For a traditional vinyl setup (also known as the analog setup)

A Set Of DJ turntables – You need two turntables to simultaneously play a song on one and match a beat on the other. Investing in good beginner turntables will go a long way in learning the skill it requires and getting the quality of your sound right. Make sure you get the complete hardware, which includes quality headphones, cables, an anti-static slipmat, extra cartridges (needles), and cleaning tools.

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A DJ Mixer – This lets you connect your turntables and switch between them. It will take time to master the many controls to adjust the sound and match the beats, so make sure you practice!

A Collection Of Vinyl Records – Start hunting for bargains to grow your collection, but don’t hesitate to splurge on rare records. They'll give your music a unique twist.

For a digital setup

You’ll need a high-performance computer, specialized software, and CD turntables, to name a few of the must-haves.

But enough DJ talk for now, open the gallery below to reacquaint yourself further with Jennifer Lee!


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