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How To Ace Valentine's According To FHM's February Idol, Micah Sosmeña!

From what to wear to morning-after tips, Micah tells you everything you need to know for a date your bae will surely remember.
by Chise Alcantara | Feb 26, 2016
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On Valentine’s Day, don’t be that guy who spends his night flooding social media with hugot song lyrics.

To help you avoid such a disaster (and spare the world from all the drama) we enlisted this pretty lady to help you increase your chances of having a fail-proof date:

That's Micah Sosmeña, this month’s FHM Idol, and now your personal date guru. She'll help you pull off a date that will help in your bid for suitor/boyfriend/husband of the year.

The 24-year-old is definitely skilled in reading men, and knows when a guy is about to flunk his chances, what with all her experience rejecting guys at the popular clubs she hosts at. From pre-game dating tips to nifty morning-after techniques, Micah has laid out all you need to know to take your date-game to a whole new level.

PART I: How To Properly Ask Her Out

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Someone asks you to be his Valentine's date from out of the blue. How would you react?
I’d never go for guys like that. These days, it feels like confessing to a girl seems so easy to do. I'd like to have a little clue before you ask me out on a date, especially on Valentine’s. I would really decline if on the day itself niya ako tinanong. What if I had plans? I won’t change them for him, ha ha!

So, big surprise confessions really won’t work? How about those confessions caught on video that go viral?
Ay, sobrang hindi! Baka masapak ko pa siya on video, ha ha! Ayoko nang mapapahiya ako nang wala sa oras. Yes, it's sweet in some ways but you should also be considerate of your partner’s feelings. Gusto ko lang yung tipong surprise that happens between us. I like it when you surprise me with flowers.

What could a guy do to let her know that you’re interested in her?
Try doing 10 percent of the things that a boyfriend would do for her, like offering her food she likes from time to time or maybe even finding the time to drive her to places. Hassle kaya mag-drive kaya masarap kapag hatid-sundo! Ha ha! Sobrang na-a-appreciate ko kapag ginagawa yun ng guy dahil grabe na kaya yung traffic ngayon! Then when you’re inside the car, with only the two of you, ask her out on a date!

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PART II: The Date Plan

First off, what should we wear?
If you’re going to a fancy venue, then better dress up. And as in dapper, sharp talaga dapat ha. Dress like a gentleman and not someone torn between looking like James Bond and Justin Bieber. If casual lang naman, I like guys na chill lang. White shirt lang, okay na, because it makes you look clean. I also like yung guy na kayang magdala ng boots at leather jacket, ha ha!

And the gifts we need in hand?
Nothing grand when you’re starting out; and you don’t necessarily have to give her flowers. Baka mas okay kung parang something useful na magagamit niya palagi.

Should we start early? Or wait for the night?
I don’t usually like dinner dates, so I prefer when dates start out during the mornings so you’ll have a lot more time to do things; ayaw ko yung kakain lang kami or something. Dapat may activity na fun. Remember, if she’s with you when she tries out new things, and she just so happened to enjoy it, maiisip ka niya every time na gagawin niya yung thing na yun. And when you are on that date, make sure it’s unforgettable.

PART III: The "Post-Date"

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If the date goes extremely well, where should guys take the girl for their, uhm, “post-date” activities?
Well, dapat hindi sa motel, at least dapat sa maganda-gandang hotel. Ang cheap lang kasi ng dating kapag motel. You can also bring her to your place, as long as your room is clean. But if she asks you to come to her place instead, ibang level na yun!

And plans for the morning after? Wake up with… 
Gisingin mo siya with food, sobrang romantic noon. But please, don’t buy her convenience store food, better if you cook her breakfast! Mapapakita mong pang-husband material ka! It also gives her assurance that what you’ve done is no “one-time, big-time!”

Lastly, the foolproof romantic getaway place would be?
The beach! Tapos kapag gumagabi na puwede na kayong mag-“the moves” sa isa’t isa. Ha ha!

Got all that? Now click the gallery below to see Micah's FHM Idol photos!


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