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FHM Idols - August 2015: A Weekend Of Chill With Nina Saputil

This August, we're taking it sweet and slow.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Aug 28, 2015
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Being one of the hottest DJs in the country, Nina Saputil has seen her fair share of nightlife craziness.

Perched on the best seat in the house, the pretty morena has witnessed all kinds of shenanigans from an alcohol-infused crowd. The curvy spin-master keeps the night going for them while they pump their fists in the air and chase one shot too many.

DJ Nina's music, a trademark buffet of EDM, hip-hop, and R&B, energizes people, to say the least. It also serves as a soundtrack to the many hook-ups and sweet-talking going on within her crowd. "Flirting is a norm when you're in a club," shares the 84th woman in this year's FHM 100 Sexiest list. "And if you're going to do it, make sure to play it right; like don’t buy a girl a drink unless you’ve been chatting with her for a while. If she can't look at you directly, then you might be onto something."

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Sounds hard, we know. Which is why we asked  DJ Nina to take a break from dropping heart-busting bass and slips into some comfy clothes as our August FHM Idol so we could talk about our club game some more.

Check out her gallery and read her interview. You'll get to learn how not to be a creepy stranger, know the telltale signs that a girl you just met has the hots for you, and have an idea of the perfect morning-after. Are you ready? The drop happens in 3, 2, 1... 

How did you start DJ-ing?
I never imagined myself being a DJ. It all started out of curiosity; I tried it and learned so fast. I was a drummer back in high school. I also know how to play other instruments. I guess that helped me to master the basics of DJ-ing easily. Then my guy friends saw my potential and pushed me to get into the scene because, during that time, there were just a few female DJs in the industry—unlike now that everyone’s a DJ! Ha ha!

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How do you define your playlist?
My style is more on straight up mixing and blending a bit of every genre—EDM, hip-hop, R&B, trap, house. It's just a little bit of everything.

What's the best part of being a DJ?
I get to go to different places. I have a free pass to all the clubs. I get to party 'til I literally drop and the best part is I get to do what I really want do which is to entertain people with my music.

How do you read a crowd? Is it about what they want to hear or what they want to feel?  
Well, first, I check the age of my crowd, then the venue, and more important, the kind of party or event which I'm spinning at. I consider the first 30 minutes of my set as the "testing" part. Then I read it from there.

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Can you say that you’re good in reading people?
Yes. That's my forte!

Okay then, let's test your skills. How can we tell if a girl’s into us?
You can check the eye contact and body language. If she can't look at you directly or when she feels nervous in front of you then you might have something. Girls getting nervous for almost no reason at all most likely means "crush." Ha ha ha!

How can we effectively work our way into being a girl’s interest?
I guess, you should know how to start a casual conversation but always make sure not you're not being cocky.

Define cocky.
Based on experience, don’t buy a girl a drink unless you’ve been chatting with her for a while. One more thing, if you can't see anyone who's your type, anyone you like, have some pride and just enjoy the party.

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What should a guy do to secure a second date with a girl she just met?
Show her respect on the first date. Everything else will follow.

After a good night out, hangovers notwithstanding, what’s a good follow-up in order to keep her interested?
Ask her to eat. You can have more meaningful conversations while eating. Or if you have time, have a good long massage!

What’s your idea of the perfect morning-after?
Having breakfast together, and I'm wearing his shirt or polo.

His place or your place?

What are the things girls love to do when they’re at home? And which of these would they want to do at home with their partner…save for making-out?
Girls love to relax at home. I always go for home service massage. When with a partner, DVD marathons—never-ending DVD marathons! Ha ha!

What should a guy do in order to earn an invite to your place?
I don’t go for alcohol session invitations. So someone has to have an important or valid reason to make it to my place.

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Lastly, what do you usually wear when you’re home alone?
White silk top or white sando, and undies. I'm addicted to lace panties.

Photography Jerico Montemayor  Styling Debra Bernales  Hair and Makeup Syd Helmsy;  Special thanks to DMCI Homes;  Shot on location at Sorell Residences, Sociego, Sampaloc, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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