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FHM Idols - October 2015: Chloe Dauden Will Make You Love Picnics Again

Warning: Don’t click if you don’t want to see a pretty lady rolling in the grass in her swimsuit
by Alex Paita | Oct 30, 2015
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You’d think picnics are reserved for titas and their iPad-toting kids, feasting on peanut butter sandwiches and Zestos from sunlight ’til sundown. But then you see Chloe Dauden seemingly unable to finish all this chow and booze by herself and you think: “Picnics can’t be all bad, right?”

See what she did there? Chloe is a marketing graduate who just earned her master’s degree in Business Analytics, and by simply establishing eye contact and demonstrating the simple law of supply (she has expensive liquor on hand) and demand (you need company), she just threw you a sales pitch. Instantly, you budged. She is that good.

So why don’t you sit down on the grass with this month’s FHM Idol? You’ll never run out of awesome things to talk about for days on end—like how nerdy she was in school, and how she does stretching before surfing. And oh, she'd love you to know what she's going to wear this halloween...

Hi, Chloe. It’s been a while. What’s your fondest memory of FHM?

My cover last year. It was super fun! We shot in a beach resort in Subic. Yun yung may monkeys na biglang bumaba sa location. It was a really nice shoot kasi para kaming nasa secluded island.

Has FHM taught you anything useful about life?
Actually, sa daming beses ko na nag-FHM, oo. Ha ha! I get better each time kasi I work with different photographers. For one, napag-aaralan ko na yung different angles ko sa camera.

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What keeps you busy these days?
Right now I’m still with Viva and we have this new show on their new channel, which is Sari-Sari TV. We’re preparing for that. Other than that, I have a movie project, the details of which I can’t tell pa. And also, I just got my master’s degree. Kasi at the time I was on the magazine cover I was still in school.

About the movie, we know you can’t divulge the plot and storyline yet. But please indulge us with this one: How sexy is it going to be?
Very sexy. For sure, lagi namang sexy ako eh. Ha ha!

Good to know! What do you normally do around this time of the year?
Ako kasi I love going on out-of-town trips. Usually my friends and I go to the beach during the holidays. Madalas sa La Union kasi I do a bit of surfing. But hindi pa ako masyadong marunong; I started two years ago but na-stop. I just started again this summer.

Care to share some tips for first-time surfers?
You should always do stretching before you surf. Kasi may one time I tried standing up, biglang pumitik yung legs ko kasi wala akong warm-up. Yun pala important talagang may stretching.

What are your plans this month?
I’m going to the US with my mom for vacation. We’re going to LA, New York, and San Francisco. Kasi first time namin together to go to the States.

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Aside from surfing, beach trips, and foreign travels with mom, how do you make lean months like this fun?
Well, my barkada and I usually have Halloween parties. We dress up in costumes. Siyempre, pa-sexy-han yan. That’s one of the things we always look forward to.

What’s the sexiest costume you’ve been in?
Ano nga ba? Um, slutty student. Ha ha! Kasi yun yung fantasy that every guy has. I had a uniform customized na. Naka-ready lang siya.

Speaking of uniforms, not everyone knows you’re a marketing graduate, and you just finished your master’s degree in business analytics…
It’s actually a master's degree in management, major in business analytics. If you go corporate kasi, medyo mataas ang bayad for those. Ang magiging career namin after that is consultant. Kami magsasabi kung kikita yung company. Kami ang gagawa ng lahat ng statistics. Pero hindi ako magaling sa math. Ha ha!

How was it like working in a corporate setting? Those male executives must be going nuts for you.
Ha ha! I experienced talaga yung working from 9 to 6 every day. It’s kind of nakaka-pressure kasi nasa marketing side kami so kailangang ma-close yung deals. They expect you to do it kasi they think good looks would sell already. Pero siyempre hindi pa rin.

 So what sells, if not good looks?
Personality. Kasi not everyone has a great personality. I can communicate with different kinds of people. Yung iba namimili sila ng tao. Ako, I can easily adjust.

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Do you have a day job now?
Right now, no. I took a rest. I used to work for an Apple reseller company. But then I shot a movie late last year, Tragic Theater, so I had to resign. Mostly now, I’m at the gym kasi I’m preparing for something.

We are looking forward to that! Going back, how were you like as a student?
I was very studious. Lagi akong nasa honors list. And then I was on the debate team in college. Tapos lagi akong nagco-compete. I was a nerd.

And you looked nerdy?
Ay, no. Hindi naman ako nerdy-looking. That’s why people get surprised to know that. Kasi in college I was doing showbiz na. Hindi na ako ganun ka-nerdy tignan.

Beauty and brains—you should be the teacher’s pet then?
Actually parang mas pinapahirapan pa nila ako. Kasi there are times na nagpapaalam ako kasi naghahabol ako ng taping. So siyempre may extra projects na binibigay sa akin to catch up with the lessons. Tapos wala akong block mates kasi yung schedule ko was irregular.

Do you still find picnics fun?

Okay then, what are the major considerations that every picnic goer must have?
Choose the right people to be with. Maganda kung may kengkoy sa group. Bring food items you really love. As for my friends and I, we love pizza, at lagi kaming may alak. Chill lang talaga.

Who takes care of the music?
My best friend, Sam Pinto. Kasi siya yung magaling sa music. Ako yung chill—ako yung tamad. Kuwento lang ang baon ko.

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If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be?
Apple. Para always juicy. Ha ha!

When you eat food, do you lick first or bite first?
I bite!

What’s the wildest thing you’ve done on grass?
Nothing actually. Sa sand meron pa. When we’re at the beach kasi, we just dance. Pero puro girls kami. Naka-bikini, tapos naghaharutan. Naghihilaan, naghuhubaran, naghahabulan.

Ever got blackout-drunk you lost your memory?
Plenty of times na! Pero not recently. Nagbagong buhay na ako. Ha ha!

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