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FHM November 2016 Idol Radio DJ Sexy Megan Keeps Your Ears (And Eyes) Hooked

DJ Sexy Megan lives up to her name...and then some
by Chise Alcantara | Nov 25, 2016
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We feel like we’ve been using a particular phrase a bit too sparingly—the new sexy. What we want to do with this term is to add to the old definition of what men used to regard as sexy (boobs and butts are awesome by the way, we’re not saying they aren’t), but in reality, women like Megan Sebastian have been undeniably sexy for years and they don’t really need guys like us to tell them that they are.

Megan Sebastian has been in the radio business for years, and men (and women) have been hooked on her entertainingly addicting yet strangely sensual tone only to be surprised at how young and beautiful she is in person. With the rise of social media, the mystery may have dissipated when it comes to the private lives of DJs, but we’re sure this particular DJ doesn’t need any of that to keep you interested.

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How did you come up with the nickname Sexy Megan?

The people at the office 'yung nag-isip ng Sexy Megan. Sexy naman daw, so why not? Ha ha!

Have you always considered yourself to be sexy?

I sometimes think I’m too skinny to be considered sexy, but I believe every girl is sexy in her own way. At the end of the day, it’s about the attitude you project towards others.

What’s Sexy Megan’s brand of sexy?

I think it’s the sexy na hindi mo inakala! O 'yung sexy na hindi pa nauuso, ha ha! I mean, I try to be as natural as possible whenever I go out. The only makeup I put on are my lashes, my kilay, and a bit of lipstick. It’s all about how you carry yourself.

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People have always known you to be a very kwela DJ. Are you like that even when you’re off the radio?

I’ve always been madaldal ever since I was in college. I have a lot of gay friends so they deemed me the babaeng bakla! And I agree naman. I’ve always been the happy, noisy, magaslaw type of person. What you see is what you get!

People are seeing a lot more DJs on social media nowadays, and most of you guys have become personalities of your own. How do you feel about that?

True, everything happens online. During breaks in between songs, I usually go on Facebook Live to greet the listeners. It feels good to interact with them kasi randam mo na genuine 'yung saya kapag nag reply ka sa kanila.


How different is it now that people know you as a person rather than just an alluring voice?

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Before kasi we would only get to meet people during mall events, tapos people would always tell me, “Ay akala ko mataba ka!” o “Uy ang bata mo pa pala!” As in they were expecting me to look so different based on how I sounded on the radio, ha ha! Parang ine-expect nilang pangit ka kaya ka nagradyo! Ha ha! Well, we guess it was a pleasant surprise for them, then. Yeah, there were some who knew what I looked like because they were really big fans but bihira lang naman dati 'yun. A person na hindi sobrang fan wouldn’t have been able to see what I looked like without meeting with me personally but now it’s a lot easier to research how DJs look like.

Oh, what have your current fans been able to research about you?

You’d find it really surprising kasi bigla na lang akong magugulat that they’ve managed to dig up some really old college photo that was on my private account. Parang wow. Ang sipag niyo ah! Ha ha!

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Do you ever find it creepy that people are able to do that now?

Not really. I mean, basta hindi sila tumambay outside my house I think I’m okay with their online stalking, ha ha! It’s flattering that they would go through that much effort to get to know me more. Do you feel like privacy is becoming an issue because of not only your presence but the media’s presence in general? I think it’s okay naman. Media technology is evolving and I think that’s why us radio jockeys are evolving too.

Did you ever think that you’d become as popular as you are now?

Never! When I took up broadcasting, I was planning to get a job at some TV network. I actually wanted to make documentaries so I applied for TV but then a friend told me that there was an audition at a radio station nearby so I tried it out. Three days later I got a call back. Then after a week, I started training. Now I’m six years in, ha ha! I guess I fell in love with the job.

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What made you keep at the job?

I like the fact that it’s kind of a routine like any other normal job, but at the same time, each time I go on the air, it’s like a different experience—there’s always a different story to tell. You get to meet so many different people and artists. It’s a wonderfully fulfilling profession to have.

You’ve accomplished a lot in the radio industry. Do you have any other goals that you want to meet?

I just want to be able to continuously improve and get better at my job and to come up with other crazy ideas that will make listening to the radio interesting!

You can see more of her photos in the gallery below.

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