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Fines Peña - January 2011 FHM 100% Hottie

"Sometimes" is how she describes her lovelife, and "always" is how often we love looking at her curves

by Mikey Agulto | Jan 5, 2011
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We would like to offer our deepest gratitude to Fines Peña for reminding us what a wonderful thing voyeurism can be.

It took us a January 2011 FHM 100% Hottie to understand that looking slyly at someone, glancing at someone in the most pa-simple way possible is something we should never ever take for granted. Never have we esteemed the act – some would say art – of voyeurism this much until Fines came along.

Fines showed her bare-it-all attitude, modeling her hand-gripping curves much to our delight and the delight of office drones working at the building opposite of our location. It was around lunchtime, and plenty of peeking eyes were fed.

Moments later, Fines playfully paraded around the balcony in her lingerie, in an effort to check out the view of the city from above. What she doesn’t realize is that she made the view from way below so much better. It wasn’t a busy day, so it’s quite apparent those vehicles were honking on her behalf.

It was a sight worth every man’s peek, and today marks your turn to do so. Today, and  in all of January, you will enjoy these photos in all of its glory and appreciate the awesomeness of the girl we’re about to peek on.

Do tell our readers how this whole 100% Hottie shoot came about.

Na-discover ako through FHM TV kasi nag-shoot kami para sa Bonngg and BA show. Sobrang nag-enjoy kami sa shoot! So from there doon na nag-start lahat.

We heard that you’re actually an accidental model. How come?
Yes. May sinamahan ako na friend na mag go-see and she invited me to join. Doon na nag-start career ko as a model. From there nagkapangalan ako sa mga car shows.

Are you surprised how this all panned out, considering you had no plans to pursue a modeling career in the first place?
No naman kasi when I started, na-enjoy ko agad siya. Hindi ako nagkaroon ng fear to go on with my modeling career.

Being a car show model, how do you get by those stalking, ogling eyes?
Pinapakisamahan ko sila kasi when you snob them mas lalo ka nilang i-sa-stalk. Kaya some of them naging friends ko na ngayon. Pero I had an experience na nagkaroon talaga ako ng stalker to the point na kahit nasaan ako nakasunod siya talaga sa akin.

Where can we usually find you then?
When I’m not working, I just go to the gym as much as possible. Kapag walang work, sometimes I go out with my friends sa mga mall. Some of them are models too.

We did hear you’re buddies with Vixens Jahziel Manabat and Abby Poblador.
Yes, I’m close with Jahziel and Abby. Okay sila, sobra silang fun kasama. Enjoy kami every time na magkikita-kita kasi mga kikay kami pare-pareho. Lahat kami puro car show models talaga, so doon kami nagkikita palagi.

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