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Florence Hipolito – FHM's #NewCrush September 2016

Last month, someone sent us her photo and prodded us to include her in our list of #FHMOfficeCrush. We proposed to her something way better...
by Cecile Jusi-Baltasar | Sep 26, 2016
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Don’t tell anyone, but we’re thinking of quitting FHM and heading over to Convergys to apply for a job. Because we hear Florence Hipolito, the 20-year-old you see on this page, works there as an Assistant Talent Acquisition officer. She brings people in to apply. Our plan is to slip out on our lunch break, get in line at Florence’s desk, and see where things go.

But while we work up the nerve to tell our boss about our stellar plan, we’ll tell you more about Florence. It’s not her first time appearing in FHM, did you know that? A couple of weeks ago, someone sent us her photo and prodded us to include her in our list of #FHMOfficeCrush. Of course, we didn’t need any prodding.

Seeing as Florence probably wasn’t just an office crush but also a crush ng bayan, we wanted to know more about her. “Ako yung tipo ng tao na mababaw ang kaligayahan,” she tells us. “Yung tipong I’ll laugh in the middle of a serious conversation basta may nakita o narinig akong nakakatawa.” Someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously? We’re totally sold.

A part-time model (for print, corporate events, and car shows) since 2013, Florence has also been cosplaying for four years now. On her first cosplay event, she went as the girl version of Super Mario. Since then, she’s dressed up as Neko of K, and both Hatsune Miku and Rin of Vocaloid, among many other characters.

“What I like about cosplaying is that I get the chance to [play with] the things that I love, which are anime and fashion,” says Florence. Thanks to these two passions of hers, she doesn’t limit herself to going as characters that already exist. “I also design my own costumes, [and come up with] my own original characters,” she says.


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Florence has actually moved up the cosplay scene from that first time she paraded as Mario in a skirt. She’s already judged her first cosplay event. It also launched her modeling career.

“I started modeling because I was recognized in one cosplay event by a photographer, and he asked if I could do a casual shoot.” Well, we’re very glad that random photographer stepped up to the plate.

Her natural people skills help Florence a lot both at her job and her hobbies. “Being an extrovert helps me have good rapport with photographers, [talent] handlers, and co-models,” she says. “Lumalawak yung connections ko.”

As if Florence’s people skills at work and cosplaying and modeling skills on the weekends weren’t enough, we find out something even more impressive about her: She graduated Cum Laude at Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite Campus with a degree in AB Communications.

And then, Florence drops the bomb: She has a boyfriend. Yes, folks, we worked you up only to send you crashing down. But the classy woman that she is, Florence hesitates to talk too much about her relationship. She only tells us, “I am happy with my current relationship. He was my best friend for years before we got to this stage. We have the same hobbies, enjoy the same things. We’re still best friends.”

To know more about Florence, you can read her slumbook entry here. You can also see more of her photos on the gallery below.

How the heck do we compete with that? (Slight change in plan: We’ll stay with FHM, just ogle Florence from a distance, and cry ourselves to sleep tonight.)

Produced by Mary Rose A. Hogaza  Photography Jerico Montemayor  Styling J-Em Sta. Ana Makeup Rhina Montemayor  Hair Georm Imperial  Special thanks to Nielzen Muyco

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