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Haiza Madrid - FHM 100% Hottie October 2013

Haiza Madrid is not known as being a romantic gal, but she's showing us a lot of love this October!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Sep 30, 2013
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Haiza Madrid doesn’t want your attention. She doesn’t want you to give her a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates every time you meet. She won’t ask if you’ve already eaten your lunch, or check on you and whatever it is your doing. She won’t even text you good night—well, just not in a girlfriend-y way. (We’re thinking she might only send you “NYT,” with no smileys and no pa-cute whatsoever.)

Yes, Haiza, your FHM 100% Hottie for October 2013, is really not a big fan of romance.

Nababaduyan ako kapag sobrang romantic” she tells us. She adds that her ideal relationship should be a bit laidback and not too intense—on a perpetual chillax mode, if you will. She also wants to be treated “normally.” And she doesn’t want you to call her Baby, Honey, Smoochie-Pooh, or any other cheesy nickname.

However, although she might have shut down whatever romantic fantasies you want to dream up with her, Haiza here isn’t as hard as stone. She still believes in the importance of taking care of her man and, as the chosen Hottie this month, she wants to take care of you. How exactly will she do that? You’re a click away from the answer. But first, read on for more of Haiza and her brand of tough (but really “showy”) love…

Hi Haiza! Are you just new in modeling?
Actually 8 years na ako sa modeling, but on and off. Before kasi I’m still studying pa, then when I graduated HRM, I went to Abu Dhabi to work in a hotel. I stayed there for a while then naisip ko na magmamaganda muna ako ulit, now, I decided to pursue modeling full-time.

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 And what prompted your return to modeling?
Ayun, balik sa mga TVC’s, events, car shows, then umabot na nga dito, FHM na. I decided na siguro it’s time na to appear [sa FHM] since I’m of legal age na. I want to enjoy muna yung time habang gusto pa ako ng mga tao, gusto pa nila yung looks ko. One other thing pa is I find modeling a fun job, unlike when I worked sa hotel, may shifting and nakaka-stress.

 Sorry, maybe its rowdy guests like us that make your hotel life miserable?
Ha ha! Oo! But seriously, when I was based in Manila kasi nasa front office lang ako, then when I went to U.A.E. I was assigned under food and beverage. So, first time ko dun, nakaka-stress pala ang first time.

 Nakaka-stress ang first time. We like that line, care to tell us more of your first time?
Eto agad ang question?! (Laughs)

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We’re kidding. Any guests who tried to hook you up during their stay?
Madami! Minsan yung iba sobrang straight up na sasabihin sayo na “call me.” Isang malaking “what” talaga siya, I’m not that cheap. Mabait naman ako sa work, pero hindi talaga ako nakikipag-date, even with my colleagues. Focus lang sa work.

We heard that this is your first sexy shoot?
Yes! First time ‘tong mga sexy-sexy. Nahihiya pa ako.

Don’t worry, you did a good job. It really looked natural.
Nagwo-workshop din kasi ako para ma-enhance pa yung skills ko. Mahiyain kasi talaga ako, and every time na nahihiya ako, palagi ako nakangiti. Kaya akala ng iba, hindi ako nahihiya kasi nakikita nila akong naka-smile.

Can you tell us what happens in a sexy workshop?
Ha ha! Wala naman, isipin lang daw na… (Giggles)

 Isipin na?!
Na-sexy ka! Ha ha ha!

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