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Jacq Yu - February 2008 FHM Online Babe

Your Funny Valentine
| Feb 1, 2008
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INTERVIEW: Ron Jay Eduvas
STYLING: Jasmine Mendiola
Special thanks to Tin Sotto

Visualize your entire high school life without ever having a class clown. It would've been sheer boredom, mingling with your uninteresting classmates talking about hackneyed school topics like the upcoming exams and how to dissect that poor frog properly in Biology. School sucks already as it is, but without a class clown — the life of the party — it would be much worse knowing you’re stuck in one of the worst classes in history.

And this Valentine season, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to end up on a date with the likeness of MTV’s Miss Daria, a deadpan lady with virtually no personality perfect for a snoozefest. Ten minutes into the date and you’d be trading in your snappy tailored coat for a white straightjacket.

But when a girl like Jacq Yu comes your way, we guarantee that there won’t be a dull moment with her. A girl who loves to laugh, a certified adrenalin junkie, and a bonafide hottie, she will cross out boredom from your vocabulary. So, have a date with her, see her red-hot photos and get to know more of Jacq in our exclusive chitchat with her and learn the Jacq Yu method of conserving water - and we’re sure you’re going to love it! So, let Jacq Yu be your funny valentine! Have a date with her here in FHM.com.ph.

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