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Apr 24, 2015
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We bet you don’t need to be introduced to this month’s FHM Idol, Jed Montero.

The curvy actress and former volleyball heartthrob has been a familiar fixture on our rag for the past couple of years–her last appearance was in the cover of last September's FHM Bionic Special, where she joined fellow hardcourt beauties Mich Datuin, Melissa Gohing, Abby Praca, and Angeli Tabequero in serving us a new dose of fit and sexy. She's also been a fixture on teleseryes and TV shows, proving that her ability to charm is not only limited to the volleyball court.

Athletic, fit, pretty, sexy, and witty: Jed has all the ingredients of a woman we'd like to take home to mom. And we'll do so once we get a hold of her again.

After retiring from Philippine Superliga after only two conferences, she has also decided to take a break from acting. The big question of course is "Buntis ka ba?" "WHY?"

"I'm waiting for my application for an international air carrier." Jed reveals to us. "That's the reason why I'm not accepting any projects and why I stopped playing volleyball at the moment."

So does this mean that she'll be leaving us soon for a mile-high life? The answer, it seems, is still up in the air. But in the off chance it does happen, we'll find comfort in knowing that we can now expand our lineup of the prettiest flight attendants.

But while she's waiting for her permission to fly, we touched base again with Jed, took some very chillax photos, and asked us her to be the FHM Nation's official summer wingwoman. Summer looks, summer activities, even swimming lessons—she's got us covered this season of sun, beach, and sand!

Do girls really see guys who are into working out and fitness hotter than the average male?

Not necessarily, but it really gives plus-points if a guy is into fitness. But if we’re going to based it on my personal reference, oo! (Giggles) Mas gusto ko yung ma-masel-masel.

So abs do matter?
For me? Not really. Hindi masyadong attraction sa akin ang abs, more on broad shoulders ako and magandang ilong and mata.

Are you saying bulging beer bellies are excusable?
Yes! Walang problema. As long as you have broad shoulders and nice ears and eyes, you’re good!

Since you’re a former volleyball superstar, is it important for guys to be good at, or at least know, a sport?
Hindi naman, what’s really important is that they really should know how to respect women. May alam ka man na sport or wala basta you know how to respect girls and God-fearing ka, okay sa akin yun.


Do you find athletes hot? Does being one add pogi points?
Well, yes. Mas manly siya tignan.

How about guys who always dress themselves like a pro-ballereven if they’re just hanging out in the mall?
Ako kasi yung mga relationships ko puro basketball players, so I’m used to seeing guys who are always in basketball outfits. Pero, siyempre, dapat inaayon mo rin sa occasion and sa lugar. Though okay lang naman sa akin yung mga basketball shorts kahit nasa mall, pero siyempre mas guwapo and mas malinis pa rin tignan yung medyo bihis na bihis—like polo shirts and shorts for a casual look.    

Since summer is here and you’re also a beach-loving gal, can you give us some tips on what we should REALLY wear at the beach.
Proper beach wear?  Trunks. Trunks na T-back! Ha ha ha! Kidding aside, the normal board shorts, but make sure it’s a little bit above the knee. Make sure a little lang ha, if it’s too much baka mag-iba na yung dating.

So no trunks?
Trunks? Siguraduhin mo lang na may "K" ka mag-trunks! Ha ha ha!

How do we make the most out of our beach trips?
Aside from bringing the proper beach wear and must-haves like sunscreen, make sure that you’ll also try the activities na ino-offer ng isang place. For me kasi that’s what I really look for when I travel, especially if I’m going to the beach, I’ll try all the activities as much as possible. 

What kind of activities?
Right now I’m into diving, so yeah, diving, kayak, and…beach volleyball? Ha ha! Beach volleyball paminsan-minsan!

Beach also means girls in bikinis. So tell us, how long should we stare at them for us not to be branded as perverts?
A glance siguro like three to five seconds. Okay lang hanggang five, basta huwag naman one minute ka nang nakatitig, baka sampalin na kita. So yeah, five seconds is fine.

Beach also means afternoon boozing, late night beach parties, and drunken approaches. Can you guide us on how to properly chat a girl up?
First, always check if the girl you’ll be approaching is not with someone like her boyfriend. Single nga ba yan? And ready to mingle?

Second, don’t be too mayabang ang dating. Make sure to approach her nicely and with respect. Hindi yung “Hey! Can I get your number?” typical bar approach. Also, try to befriend din yung mga kasama ni girl.


Lastly, don’t be too hasty, easy langFriends-friends lang muna, kilalanin mo muna.

We now know that pickup lines don’t really work, so what else can we say to her?
Maybe something like “Hey, I really find you attractive,” or “You’re beautiful, “ or “Are you with your friends?” Ganyan. I think it’s better if you start by throwing her compliments. There are guys kasi na when they talk to a girl gusto nila flirty na agad. Talk to her in a nice way; make her feel that you want to be friends first, huwag yung mabilisan.

So if we were to ask you for a date on the beach, do you wanna go fancy or party?
Fancy. Candlelit dinner? Or maybe kahit simple but intimate dinner? Ayoko kasi ng crowded. I prefer places that are really quiet, where you can really relax and unwind. I like nice places where the two of us can really talk. 

You had some really nice things on for this photos shoot. We're curious, do you have any fashion no-nos?
No to bling-blings! Ha ha! Ayoko ng naka-sando na guy tapos ang payat-payat naman pala. I don’t like guys who wear body fit shirts, it looks gay to me kahit malaki pa katawan nila.

Anything else?
Clean cut for the hair. I don’t like guys who have long hair. I really like guys who smell and look nice. And always wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion and your personality. Kasi most of the time how you are as person sometimes reflect on how you dress. So ayun, huwag kang feeling macho kung payat ka naman, or if you’re fat, avoid wearing body fit na clothes. You should really dress based on your personality.

Lastly, would it be a total turn-off if a guy doesn’t know how to swim?
Ha ha ha! Naku! Yeah, sobrang nakaka-turn off naman yun, parang hindi niya ako kayang iligtas if ever malulunod ako. So, yeah, total turn off!

Photography Jerico Montemayor  Styling Bela Vitug  Hair And Makeup Julio Jeremias of At East|Jed Root;
Body suit by Jenny Sibulo