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Jem Milton - February 2011 Online Babe

<p>No stopping this February stunner</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 4, 2011
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It wasn’t sunny at all when Jem’s turn to pose in front of the camera finally came.[firstpara]

We had started the day early, with many of Baler’s other vacationers still too sleepy to roam and check out the locale’s numerous tourist spots. The sun was just beginning to stretch out its all-powerful arms when the entire crew hit the shores. The sunrise was beautiful, everything was. We couldn’t have wished for better weather.

But funny how a place so captivating could give the appearance that time was slowing down to a stand still. Because when the three other models finally finished their respective shoots, indeed, by the time Jem started hers, few of us noticed that it was already late in the afternoon.

It was what it was though. The wind which had just been a playful breeze up to that point was becoming a little less friendly by the minute, and the sun, which had seemed so mighty just an hour ago was slowly but surely retiring into the horizon.

We knew that even for a model as experienced as Jem, this wasn’t going to be an easy shoot. Or so we thought. Braving the cold winds, and the powerful waves, this longtime FHM favorite proved us wrong. Though she admitted later on that it was indeed one of her most difficult shoots, we wouldn’t have known it judging by the way she fiercely posed, rolled on the sand, and stood her ground against the current. Here, she proves that in the face of intense pressure, come the brightest gems.

You’ve had a lot of photoshoots done with FHM, so we’d like to ask, where do you find inspiration for every shoot?

Wala naman, hindi lang talaga siya nakakasawa. I’ve had I think more than 4 or 5 shoots with you guys already including all the Premiere shoots, and masaya lang siya palagi. I guess it’s because iba-iba rin naman yung concept.

Which shoot is your personal favorite?
I’d say siguro yung wet and wild na 3D sa Premiere. Yung may mga tissue tissue pa. Ha ha! Kakaiba siya and it’s one of the few shoots na talagang meron kaming group shot. I think it’s also one of the most daring, and I’ve always been very daring.

Now that the Premiere Vixens Search has concluded, what do you miss about it? How’s the experience of being a Vixen?
I’m going to miss yung mga umaalis kami, going out-of-town, yun yung isa talaga sa mamimiss ko. Every time may mga out-of-town kami, parang bakasyon lang kasi eh, and we really get to bond with each other.

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