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Jun 4, 2010
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Just like how Jennifer Aniston is with the TV sitcom Friends, or how Noynoy Aquino is with the color yellow, FHM Online Babe Jen Rosendahl knows that she will always be associated with the Viva Hot Babes, even though the legendary girl group already disbanded many moons ago.[firstpara]

Not that the German beauty minds the unbounded association. There were never any shadows to step out of, nor any significant names to live up to. Truth be told, she’s one of the few members who didn’t need the moniker of a “Viva Hot Babe” to preserve a thriving career.

But for those who continue to live in the past, we do not blame them one bit. Jen Rosendahl still possesses the finest female curves of eight years ago, prompting onlookers to think that time did not pass for a single second.

Moving forward, however, is Jen herself. Now determined to have a successful acting career, she is looking to expand her horizons as she approaches her 10th year in showbiz.

The woman can take her time. These scorching photos will keep us good for a long, long time.

How was the shoot? The whole crew was excited for your FHM comeback.
The photo shoot was nice, had a great time working with Doc Marlon! It's important for me to have a good connection or good vibes with the photographer or else I wouldn't be able to pose and I would have been uncomfortable.

Is looking sexy something that comes out naturally for you?
Of course, it was a little strange to pose sexy again since I haven’t done sexy pictorials in a long time. But I had a lot of fun! Ha ha! I’m hoping for the cover next time!

There came a time when FHM was all about the Viva Hot Babes. We somehow owe a portion of our history to you girls!
Yes, I did your cover twice back in 2003 with the Viva Hot Babes and then I posed for my solo cover for the foursome shower babes. Nakaka-miss din of course!

It’s been almost 8 years yet you’re still the same stunning woman we saw back then!
Ha ha! Thank you! I have to take care of myself, since there was a time when I let myself go. I gained weight and gosh, nakakahiya! But then I got back on track and here I am now, happy with the way I look again. You’ll just have to discipline yourself and live a healthy lifestyle.

We’re assuming you still get plenty of suitors?
Suitors? Ha ha! Yes I'm always flattered when someone approaches me. May it be at the beach, gimikan or wherever.


INTERVIEW:Mikey Agulto
PHOTOGRAPHY:Doc Marlon Pecjo
STYLING: Badj Galias - Genato
MAKEUP: Telay Robles