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Jennifer Lee - August 2008 Online Babe

Sassy and sexy

| Aug 8, 2008
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Interview: Ron Jay Eduvas
Photography: Kai Huang
Styling: Badj Genato
Makeup: Tatin Yang for Lancome
Hair: Bea Misa for Kheils

Since the emergence of the lethal beauties like The Charlie's Angels, we've never tired of these lady assassins who can front seduction and kill you the moment you turn your back on them. Apart from the recent silver screen three-part remake, these Angels have also garnered their Asian counterparts. And somehow, their chinita equivalents seem more appealing, too. It must be the sexy slits of their eyes or their ninja-like maneuvers; whatever it is, their sexiness tugs at us like nun chucks to the heart.

There's supermodel Devon Aoki, shifting gears on 2 Fast 2 Furious and slicing arteries on Sin City" And then there's Naked Weapon dearie Maggie Q who commands both desire and fear with her killer massage moves. And of course, how can we forget the lovely Shu Qi of So Close, dressed in her sexy all-white outfit, literally flying in and out of elevators firing the brains out of her adversaries? Lovely isn't? These chinitas have truly gone out of their demure shells and are now serious with the kick ass business!

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