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Mar 3, 2014
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Toronto-based Vietnamese model and professional go-go dancer Jennifer Nguyen has got good vibes written all over her, and for good reason—she thinks 2014 is going to be her year. Now is her time to take over Asia, she tells us. And you know what, we believe her.

"I am very fortunate to get to where I am today without any agency help," reveals Jennifer, who's landed modeling and dancing gigs in the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, and London, among others. "I travel a lot; it makes me wiser. If you spend time going to different places, you'll notice that everyone's the same in their own little ways. This is why I know I'll belong here somehow." Manila, she adds, will be one of the places she'll frequent all year long. Yown!

This FHM 100% Hottie shoot marks Jennifer's first order of business, while also explaining why we think she'll fit right in here. Fellow countrymen, we're about to be conquered by Ms. Nguyen—we suggest you surrender with open arms!

How’d you find the shoot?
It was really fun! We did numerous sets in like how many hours. It was a pretty quick shoot, wasn’t it? My back hurts a little bit though. I did lots and lots of booty poppin’.

You make it look so easy!

Oh, yeah. It comes naturally with years and years of practice. I was always in front of the mirror practicing and posing.

It’s like you were born to do this.
I actually didn’t want to be a model, but my friend wanted me to help him out for a car show. He really wanted me to do it, so I said “fine.” After that gig, people started coming up to me, asking me to work with them. It all kind of fell into place.

You’re not from around here, are you?
Yeah, I’m Vietnamese, but I was born in Canada. I grew up in Vancouver and then we eventually moved to Toronto. This year though, it’s time to take over Asia. I’ll be here in Manila a lot this year, doing some work and all that. This is actually perfect. FHM is actually a really good start. You guys are the best here.

Thank you. What do you intend to do while you’re here?
I want to try all the food carts, I see all these Pinoys pushing them around. I was like, “I want it! I wanna eat that.” My friends are telling me not to, but screw them!

Our turo-turo stalls aren’t the cleanest, but you have to try it at least once.
I want to take a day off and just walk everywhere and hop from one cart to another. I’m probably going to end up with diarrhea, but I want to try it all. What else is there to do here in the Philippines? I want to check out the beaches.

You should! Summers here are the best.
I don’t think I will be able to check out the beaches this time. But I might be coming back for Sole Slam Manila, so fingers crossed.


Photography Jay Tablante Styling Bela Vitug Associate Stylist Martha Toledana Makeup Janina Dizon Hair Georm Imperial Special thanks Penthouse Studios