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Jeri Lee - FHM Online Babe August 2013

Thanks for coming back!
by Ash Mahinay | Aug 2, 2013
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Jeri Lee’s official Instagram handle (@mama_lee) is pretty appropriate—we love her as much as our moms! And we’d like to think she loves us back—we assume we're one of the reasons why she loves coming back here.

And we can’t help but feel important considering the spot we have on the packed itinerary that awaits Ms. Lee whenever she flies over. Saying she’s in-demand is an understatement: shoots, events, more shoots, going to the beach (yes, despite all things to do, Jeri doesn’t just come here to work her pretty little butt off, she makes time to relax). Yet she still always finds time to go visit her FHM boys.

But this time around, knowing how much our favorite Fil-Mex model values a quality R&R, we gave her the best working-on-her-vacay experience possible, courtesty of this suitably laid-back shoot. We just wish everyone looked this good just lounging around!

What’s up Mama Lee?
Well, I came back to the Philippines for Sole Slam Manila and also for Hot Import Nights Manila 2!

Any new experiences?
I love coming back here! It's like a second home. I went to Boracay for the first time and I was really, really excited to go. The beach was so beautiful and I didn't want to leave–but I had to because I had to go to work for Hot Import Nights.

So what happened? How was you first time in Boracay?
Well, it's funny because everyone keeps telling me about Boracay and I just never got the chance to go and, luckily for this trip, my friends took me and it was so nice!

We want to hear your Boracay story then, everybody has one.
Actually, I just came back with the Boracay tan. There's really no stories because we didn't really go out much, it wasn't a holiday or anything, it was just very laid-back. I enjoyed the beach, the sunset, I went to Epic and also Juice Bar—oh, actually no, I'm lying.

Hold on, rewind—yes, I actually do have a story. They have all these bayots out there, right? And I really wanted to take a picture with them, so the first group that we went up to, they were nice and were being sexy and taking pictures with me. Then, the second group of ladyboys that we went up to, I guess my friend told them that I was a ladyboy so they would take pictures with me. Because if it was just a woman who wants to take pictures with them, they'd just be like, "No, we don't want to." So my friend was like, "Oh, she’s a bayot!"

The mama-san, or the leader of the bunch, gave me a look, and I didn’t really notice her because I was on my phone and I was kinda buzzed a little bit. Then she said, "Martial arts." And I was like, "Martial arts? Karate?" I think my friend noticed that she took off her slipper. "Come on, martial arts. But don't hit my face." And I really wasn't paying attention so I was like, "What?" And then we all just started laughing and took off. The ladyboy wanted to fight me, ha ha! That's my story!

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