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Jhane Santiaguel - FHM Online Babe April 2012

Jhane gives us a tour in one of the wonders of the world. We say, she herself can be considered as one.
by Ronjay Eduvas | Apr 6, 2012
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Model, singer, dancer, and ex-Mocha girl (note the ex) Jhane Santiaguel seems to be the talk of her hometown, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Unlike the hoopla of chismis around the Manila scene, however, the noise she makes in her province is a happy tune. We definitely were when she toured through Honda Bay and magnificent Underground River, through a jungle of bars in and around the city.

It was clear as day that she is popular for being the talented girl who made it to the big city. People greet her, she greets them back, the sincerity of local connections in the air.

She is quite a sincere and honest girl herself. She doesn’t sugarcoat her words, she doesn’t censor herself, both in our interview and in front of the camera.

Here’s a taste of Jhane doing what she does best– making some noise and smoldering in itsy-bitsy bikinis in her hometown’s most infamous tourist destinations.

What’s a regular night out for you in Palawan?
I usually go out to bars. I perform at one of the local bars here called E-Republik. I like performing there dahil nakakatawa talaga yung mga komedyante. Pag bad trip ka pupunta ka lang dun, tas maatawa ka na. They really give a lot of effort just to make the people enjoy. Nagsi-sing-along din kami or sometimes I just hang with my friends, lakad-lakad lang.

We noticed that everywhere you go here, people recognize you. You’re popular around here.
Hindi naman! Ha ha! Friendly lang talaga ako. Puerto Princesa is really a small place. So minsan makikita ko kaklase ko dati, or someone I met sa bar, o kaya kapitbahay ko. Ganun lang naman. Hindi na rin maiiwasan yung nakilala ka na din so siyempre pag binabati ka, batiin mo na din.

How’s your lovelife? Do you have a boyfriend right now?
Namatay. Ha ha! Wala akong boyfriend ngayon. Mahirap kasi makipag-relasyon. Siyempre, gusto ko rin at nagkaroon na din naman ako before.

Did you ever have a relationship with the same sex? Which one do you prefer?
Oo naman. Nagka-boyfriend, nagka-girlfriend. Pero, I prefer guys pa rin kasi babae pa rin naman ako.

What makes you attracted to the same sex?
Actually, sa babae, sobrang malambing, thoughtful, sweet and maasikaso. Kapag nagkakagusto ako sa girl, parang nagiging boy ako, ako yung nagiging male sa relationship.

And with guys? What qualities do you look for in a relationship?
Gusto ko malambing, thoughtful, inaalagaan ako. Ayoko nung tamad-tamad.

Can you give us tips on how to pleasure a woman?
Mas masarap kapag nafe-feel ko na feel na feel mo yung ginagawa mo. Mafe-feel ng isang babae kapag marunong or kapag nervous ka. Iba din kapag may ‘love,’ yung feeling na parang mainit.

Ever faked an orgasm?
Next question please, ha ha! Hindi, nakaka-bad trip yung ganun. Pero usually kasi ang mga babae mabilis mag orgasm. Depende sa lalaki.

What type of foreplay do you enjoy the most?
Sasabihin ko talaga? Ha ha! Gusto ko and importante na may kiss sa lips… sa taas.

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