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FHM’s July 2016 Idol Karen Amry Is A Star In The Making

From being a print model, the beautiful Karen Amry is planning to invade other mediums. First up: this website
by Chise Alcantara | Jul 30, 2016
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Karen Amry is what a model should aspire to. She balances two worlds well. On one hand, she can be the soft, feminine beauty capable of melting hearts. On the other, she's also a strong, independent woman that Beyonce had already sung about so many times in her career. That's Karen Amry—a bonafide FHM model with the killer curves but with the sharpness of today's modern woman.

Where have you seen her before? In the pages of FHM, of course. Karen has made a number of appearances in our print edition, her svelte figure always a memorable sight. With her beauty, she has built up her own following on the web. That's a following that's about to grow as we immortalize the sweet woman on the pages of this website. As you'll see in the galleries in the weeks to come, she is set to tantalize.

But as we've said, her physical appearance is but one side of the coin. Karen is a smart lass too, who's aware that modeling can only last for so long. Right now, she's learning the ins and outs of the industry and exploring other possible venues such as TV. These, she thinks, will be able to help her stay in the industry doing something profitable even after she has stopped doing the actual modeling. But that's years from now, bro, so don't worry. Today, she's still the star, the model we'll all be praising hard in the weeks to come.

Hey Karen! You seem to be busy these days!
Yeah! I’ve been guesting in a few episodes of Happinas Happy Hour on TV5!

Wow, we didn’t know you were planning to venture into TV
I didn’t either but when the opportunity arises, you have to take it! I’ve been a casino model manager for four years now, and I feel like it’s time to try some new stuff.

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What does a model manager actually do?
Well, I used to be just an entertainer when I first got into the job. But after a while I started climbing the ranks and now I’m the one helping the newcomers break out of their shells.

What does it take to climb the ranks?
I guess being game for anything and being able to handle different things being thrown at you helps. The bosses notice how you act under pressure and how quickly you think of solutions on the spot. I’ve gotten used to it now, though.

That’s so cool. Did you get to use the skills you learned from your job in your TV work?
They’re actually pretty similar and pretty different from one another. But yes, I don’t think I would’ve handled myself that well if it wasn’t for my work experience.

What was different then?
I guess the part about it being a live audience. Even though we are live in our casino shows, we don’t really get to interact directly with the audience. In Happinas, though, it felt really exciting to be able to see how the audience would react to what we were doing!

So which one would you say you liked more?
I would have to say the live audience because at least you get to see how happy you make the people feel. It’s a lot more fun, ha ha!

Did you get nervous at all?
A bit because everything was in real time!

Though watching the replay now, you seem like you were having a lot of fun!
I was! I mean, I really like showing off my weird talents no one knows about. Like, only a few people know that I can, somewhat, sing and dance a bit. I really like showing people that fun side of me that they don’t usually see on print.


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Do you plan on pursuing a career in television?
If the opportunity arises then why not? In truth, I’ve always wanted to be a regular host of events and variety shows. I love seeing people enjoying what I do for them. And yes, there is always the factor of maintaining a stable income since modeling just doesn’t suffice sometimes.

We’ve noticed a trend with younger models; they have sidelines that come with sidelines. Is it also necessary for models as popular as you to take on extra jobs?
If you really want to maintain a busy lifestyle with a steady income, then yes. You can choose not do these things but modelling jobs are very sought after and sometimes there won’t be a lot of offers so you have to keep the income sustained if you want to go anywhere.

Any advice to young models out there who are just getting into the scene?
Just put yourself out there and you’ll get noticed. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and how you’re different from everyone else. You’ll be remembered easier that way and you’ll get better opportunities!

Photography Jerico Montemayor  Stylist J-Em Sta. Ana  Makeup Rhina Montemayor  Hair Georm Imperial

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