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Karen Bordador - April 100% Hottie

<p>Summer plans, anyone? This woman will be available the entire month</p>
| Apr 5, 2010
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A decent mega-pixel camera – check. Backpack full of clothing and equipment – check. A whole night’s worth of snacks and booze – double check. A full-tank’s worth of gas – triple check. Sure looks like you’re all stuffed up for this magnificent escapade, yes? [firstpara] If that’s the case, then you deserve a huge pat on the back. You are off to a great start in your first date with April's 100% Hottie Karen Bordador.

Opting where to travel with this fine young lady is like picking out a romantic restaurant: she’s already been there twice; she has always wanted to try that; and the cooking is fantastic there.

The wonderful ambience is readily available, compliments of the entirety of Mother Nature, and the milieu music is being played courtesy of the chirping birds and flowing waterfalls. Whatever happens next, of course, is up to you.

Karen however indicates that it’s not a binding gesture to grant her idea of a date. But with delightful curves flowing from her locks all the way to her legs, there is no way in France we could ever say no to this woman. After all, privacy is a privilege accompanied with a rendezvous into the wild, operative phrase, of course, is "into the wild.”

Okay, enough with the teasing. We’ll let Karen do all that for you.

So Karen, what have you been up to?

Recently I’ve been singing on my own, doing covers and events. I still do modeling gigs and studying fashion design in Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

Wow, studying fashion you say? How come?
I just like putting things together so I guess that’s how it started. I used to create accessories before in high school just for side business so that’s when I thought that I was interested in creating things, so I might as well design other things. I used to dress up my friends and my mom and sisters!

How come you’re doing this just now?
After graduation, I started working and hosting for events and did modeling full time. And for two years, I was also in a girl group but now that I have time for myself I thought I would enroll to a school on the side. But I still get to do other things.

Were you always this business minded?
My course kasi is business management. Ever since, I would always create different businesses in my head, when I was in grade school, I was the resident barter.

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I always try to think of ways to earn when I was a kid. Even my family is on a business setting so medyo innate na sakin to love doing business projects.

SHOT ON LOCATION AT SOCO TASTING ROOM, 6 General Segundo Street, San Antonio Village, Pasig City.  
Clothes and accessories by Freeway and Ensembles

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