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Karen Bordador - FHM Online Babe November 2013

Busy gal Karen Bordador have a crazy schedule. But she'll always make time to be crazy sexy for you!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Nov 1, 2013
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Those who have taken a peek at Karen Bordador's planner will tell you that she's a very busy girl. As in batshit-crazy busy. Try being a radio jock, a local and international model, a host, a columnist, and a film actress all at the same time and see what we mean. Truth be told, the woman's pretty much like Jinri, minus the Korean part.

She's also always on the go. And, yeah, it sometime seems like she had forgotten about the FHM Nation.

But Karen wants to make it up to us. Aside from assuring us that everything she does, she does so with our admiration for her in mind, she also cleared her schedule for the entire calendar month just so you can see her return as FHM's Online Babe this November. So quality time ba kamo? You've got her all month long!

Take your time now; don't take it all at once. There's more where these photos came from. Karen isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

Welcome back, Karen! How are you?

I’m still doing radio and we were recently moved from 1 p.m - 4 p.m. to primetime. So, 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. na my show, which is really exciting. I also have a new partner which is really fun since we get to do a lot of new things. But I suppose one thing that’s really new is–I’m really just going to announce it now–I’m doing my first movie! It’s going to come out this year and I’m just really excited.

I’m also going to debut a new segment for TV5. It's called “Private Sessions with Teacher K.” Yes! So many new things! Exciting talaga.

How do you fit all that in your calendar?
No sleep! Ha ha, joke! Actually, I don’t know to be honest with you. One thing’s for sure, I’m really excited with all the things I do, so I make time for each and everything. Plus, I have a calendar kaya dapat all of those things dapat check, check, check, or else I’m dead.

So what is this movie all about?
I don’t think I’m supposed to share it...pero na-e-excite talaga ako. It’s a lead role and the movie will be a sexy-comedy. I’m going to be with a lot of famous actresses and this will be my first movie, kaya I’m kind of nervous and excited at the same time.

You’re also known as the queen of
Naks! Ha ha! But yeah, of course, I have a show there. It’s called One Of The Boys. And no matter how busy I am I will always do

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Photography Ejay Leung of Midnight Bonkers Styling Ken Batino Makeup Cha Montenegro Hair Lea Ancheta
Week1: Football top by Ben Peñaprada; Denim panty by Queture, shoes by DAS
Week2:  Denim bra and panty by Queture, knitted cover up by Hey Ralph!
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