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Cathy Ili - FHM 100% Hottie December 2011

Why the hell not says this nursing graduate turned party promoter
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 5, 2011
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Cathy is not one to play it safe. She is a go-getter. She sees an opening, a chance to do something crazy fun, and she grabs it the way a toddler hangs on to a new favorite toy. It is quite juvenile, the way she weighs what or what not to do—not unlike the manner by which a moth decides that it, in fact, is going to flutter right into the flame.

We are not one to complain. If she hadn’t thought it a good idea to hop on the next bus to Angeles right after a night of partying in one club in Timog, then we would not have had anything scandalous to look at right now. This is her first time. It’s a fantastic first time, she tells us, one that she wouldn’t mind doing again for all you nipple-loving readers out there. Kathy promotes parties at clubs for a living, but right now the only party she’s promoting is the one in our pants. Ba dum tss!     

That there's a danger in being reckless should be obvious enough. In our interview, she freely reveals a pretty wild encounter with an athlete, which we’d gladly clue you in on if we were a tabloid. There are things that she does, and things that she says that could be the start of a wonderful controversy. But so far, and as far as we know, she hasn’t yet gotten scorched. Until that happens, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the woman, our reason being that we are dearly attracted to her freewheeling ways. This is Kathy, and she is at her most—pardon the pretentious choice of word—effervescent playing with a little fire.

You were told about the shoot at the last minute. What made you say yes right away?
Actually, in-open na ni Nikki (October's 100% Hottie) yung idea of a photoshoot sa akin before. So nagkaroon kami ng first photoshoot sa friend niya pero hindi ganoong ka-daring. And then she told me about the Hottie shoot. She told me a few things about it, and doon na ako nagkaroon ng interest. Didn’t know it was going to be this steamy.

What piqued your interest?
Ever since gusto ko na talagang maging model, kaya lang wala akong height. I have my insecurities sometimes. I learned about the shoot just a day before, but since gustong-gusto ko nga mag-model, I felt excited right away, kaya ayun lumipad ako from Manila to Pampanga right away. At wala pa akong tulog galing trabaho ha! Ganun naman ako eh, I’m always game for the experience, and I super love new challenges.

You came from work, you say?
Galing akong work, oo. Marketing ako at Circa, a bar in Quezon City. Umuwi ako from work 5 AM, went straight to the bus station—nagpahatid ako sa friend ko—then dumating ako dito, 7 AM. So sa bus na ako natulog. Just 2 hours of sleep.

No beauty sleep for you then?
Pag dating naman dito, I got to rest pa. And then siyempre, during the shoot, yung tension, it’s going to keep you awake talaga. Adrenaline nalang siguro!

What was going on in your mind during that two-hour trip?  
All I knew is that sexy shoot talaga siya. Hindi ko lang talaga inexpect, as I said earlier, na ganoong pala ka-daring agad! Super daring ng mga poses, at super daring ng mga damit! Ha ha!

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