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Kim Lee - FHM Online Babe September 2014

The French-Vietnamese stunner is back in town to visit her favorite Filipino friend, <em>FHM</em>! &nbsp;
by Chad Rosario | Sep 5, 2014
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Our first brush with Kim Lee took place during our cover shoot for the FHM Ladies' Confessions: Celebrity Diaries Vol. 5 in 2011, and we've been smitten ever since. We reckon we're not alone in that sentiment; those who've seen her in movies (The Hangover 2) or music videos (Kanye West and Jay Z's "Niggas In Paris") must feel the same way, too.

So to those who've been clamoring to see her again, here's some good news: The French-Vietnamese stunner is now one-half of the popular sexy DJ duo KimKat, and they might land a gig here in Manila in the near future!

"We recently went to Seoul for the Life In Color Music Festival," she tells us. "Actually, they’re planning to bring that festival to Manila." Man, we are so going to be there!

While waiting for that day to come, you might want to check out Kim's FHM Online Babe photos for the meantime. She also happens to be one of the hottest models in the world, remember? Time to party, boys!

So you're now a DJ! We heard you've been touring a lot lately. Where've you been these past couple of months?

We recently went to Seoul for the first-ever Life In Color Music Festival. Actually, they’re planning to bring that festival to Manila. After that, we went to Vietnam and Japan for a tour party. I didn’t even know people knew about twerking over there. That was interesting!

How did your career as a DJ start?
I've done modeling and shot for different magazines all over the world, but I felt that it wasn’t my passion. What I really love is music. At the time, I was really close to Apl.De.Ap and told him I wanted to spin. And then he told me one day that he’ll manage me. I told my best friend Kat about it and she quit her job that same week. Things took off when we started coming to Asia. We’ve been touring for three years now!

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Any memorable experiences so far?
I have stories for days! On my first show in Orange County [in California], lots of people came out to see us and I was so nervous. I think I was a little drunk and I pressed “Stop” while Kat was on deck. All of a sudden, it was dead silent. I was so upset because it was my first show and I wanted to impress.

Do your parents support the career you’ve carved out for yourself?
Yeah, they do. My parents are actually my biggest fans. It really helps when your family supports you. They’re both very supportive and they give me lots of advice.

Photography Jake Verzosa  Styling Bela Vitug  Makeup Cha Montenegro  Hair Dimple Callada
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