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Kimberlee Arcillas - FHM's #NewCrush December 2015

There's no way you'd miss a class if she's your teacher!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Dec 28, 2015
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At first glance, Kimberlee Arcillas is your typical girl-next-door—a pretty face with a shy demeanor, but is always willing to smile back every time you say hi. She's the girl every kid in the neighborhood loves, and the one all the boys secretly admire.

On Saturdays, she loves hanging out with her friends. Clean fun, no trouble. On Sundays, she'll slip into her PJs and her cute panda slippers and lounge at home, taking countless selfies with her phone. Yes, her life's pretty chill.  

This December though, we're plucking Kim from her quiet life as we put her on the spotlight as this month's #FHM NewCrush!

"I never thought that I will end up in FHM's page," Kimberlee tells us. "I first dabbled in modeling as a birthday gift for myself. I joined this open shoot with a marionette-themed concept, which I really found cool back then," she shares. "When the shoot was done, the organizer asked me if I wanted to join a modeling workshop. Since I really enjoyed the shoot, I said yes."

Thankfully, fate was on our side. Because if not, the only chance we might be able to meet her is inside a classroom, and not in some fancy rooftop for a photoshoot.

"I used to to be a teacher. I teach Technology And Livelihood Education (TLE) in elementary and high school. It has basic electronics, computer, cooking, even plumbing! Ha ha!"

We have a hunch her students are always present. "When I graduated and was about to handle my first formal class, the school I'm attending was having second thoughts of putting me in high school level. They were afraid that I might catch too much attention, and ended up getting courted by some students! Ha ha!," shares our pretty former instructress.

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That being said, below are some notes about her courtesy of the ever-helpful FHM Slumbook! You better memorize her answers if you want to have a chance with Kimberlee.

Click on the slumbook for a bigger resolution.


Click on the gallery below and see more of Kimberlee!

Photography Jerico Montemayor  Styling J-Em Sta. Ana  Makeup Rhina Montemayor  Hair Georm Imperial

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