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Lae Lusung - November 2010 100% Hottie

<p>She's our kind of Pampanguena</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 3, 2010
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Coming all the way from Pampanga to do the shoot here in Manila, we thought Lae would be irritated, tired and acting all diva-like after the two or three-hours it took to travel.

Though two hours really doesn't sound all that unendurable, she had very much looked like one of those snobbish models when we were sent her portfolio, so to have thoughts of her being a bitch wasn't exactly baseless.

But when we finally met her, we were once again reminded of the follies of being judgmental. She was already having her make-up done when we first saw her. We approached, she gave us a shy but well-meaning smile, and we knew that she was a nice girl after all.

And did we mention her sparkling chinita eyes? We know many of you have a weakspot for  eyes like those, and Lae's are just as stunning as the hottest of them. Her skin is as smooth and as fair as any too, the kind which you just want to caress for eternity. We know, we're kind of talking about her like she's a goddess, and in some ways, maybe she is. But just as you think that she's this out-of-reach diva who's supposed to be put on a pedestal, she catches you off-guard with her candidness. 

At times, she'd be this experienced professional in front of the camera, pulling off one great pose after the other, and at other times, she'd be this feisty girl-next-door who can banter, and joke around with us and our crude humor. And that is what makes Lae a very special girl.

So Lae, what brings you in front of FHM's lens?

Nagpa-shoot ako before kay Borj for portfolio, then he was the one who invited me to do the shoot for FHM. Pumayag naman ako kasi ngayon wala nang nagbabawal. Before may mga kumukuha na rin, pero hindi ako pumayag kasi may nagbabawal. Strict kasi talaga yung ex-boyfriend ko. Kahit sa mga indie films, ayaw niya. May mga kumukuha pero hindi ko natanggap.

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How did you prepare for it?
Pinaghandaan ko siya, pero ang sabi ko pa rin kay Kuya Borj [photographer], huwag naman masyadong biglain. Pero wala naman akong special na paghahandang ginawa.


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