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FHM's March Idol Lhea Bernardino Just Became Our Favorite Waifu

Know about her geeky side and tips on how to impress gorgeous otaku girls like her
by Chise Alcantara | Mar 25, 2016
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Japan's colorful culture is a staple of casual bro discussions, particularly because of the many weird things (edible panties, anyone?) invented there. Any time you see something that makes you question its existence, you always safely assume it's from the Land of the Rising Sun.

One Japanese thing we cannot live without though is animé. Being animé lovers ourselves, we could talk for hours on end about our favorite animated series, and we wouldn't even be close to covering all of them. Call us otakus; we don't mind.

And we're pretty sure Lhea Bernardino wouldn't, too.

Just when you think you couldn't fall in love with her even more, she shares with us that aside from being an FHM mainstay, a commercial model, and car show regular, she's also an animé enthusiast who's been dying to geek out about the latest chapter of Fairy Tail with someone.

Yup, this month's FHM Idol is that sugoi desu. Get to know more about her geeky side, including tips on how to impress cute otaku girls like her in our interview below!

Lhea! We've worked with you for so long but we never knew you were such a geek!
Ha ha! I get it. I almost could never show my animé-loving side while working in the industry, because most models here never seem to enjoy it as much as I do. During breaks, I'm always on my phone checking on the latest releases of the manga I follow. Whenever my model friends catch me, they ask, "Uy, ano yan?" I answer, "Animé! Hindi mo alam 'to?" And they just stare at me strangely. It makes me so sad that I can't geek out to anyone.

Aw, well you can geek out to us now!
That's awesome. I really love watching animé and reading manga but my favorites are Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tail, and of course Pokémon!

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Oh, wow! So have you played any of the Pokémon games?
Yeah! I've played every single one besides the most recent one, yung Pokemon Go! Wala pa kasing free download sa Internet, ha ha! Ang cute kasi mag-alaga ng pocket monsters; sobrang saya siguro kung ganun talaga yung mundo, 'no? Kung lahat tayo Pokémon trainers!

Yeah, but wouldn't that be a bit dangerous?
Well, a bit, yeah. Especially when someone challenges you to a Pokémon battle in a mall or something. Every day, may masisirang building, ha ha! But it would be so cool to be able to just travel the world just collecting pocket monsters and learning about life through experiences, di ba? Though, I've always cheated on the games, ha ha! But only for unlimited Master Balls! Ayoko kasing nawawala yung mga ultra rare Pokémon o mamatay yung mga Pokémon ko eh

Would you say your taste in manga and animé reflect who you are as a person?
Yes, definitely. I like to think I have both the characteristics of Gon and Killua from Hunter x Hunter. I can be a bit bipolar at times. Minsan I can be really nice and gullible like Gon, lalo na if I like you. But if I don't like you or we've just met for the first time, I can be a lot like Killua, very cold and collected and nakakatakot kapag nagalit.

How do we keep you on your "Gon" side then?
Siyempre dapat palagi akong busog, ha ha! I can get more comfortable with a guy if he doesn't have an intimidating aura–kailangan “presko” siyang kausap.

How into animé would a guy have to be to get on your good side?
Hindi naman kailangang sobrang addict, ha ha! Just enough so he can talk to me about it. Mahirap naman kung kwento ako nang kwento tungkol sa mga binabasa at pinapanood ko tapos wala pala siyang paki.

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Can we assume your ideal man is also 2D?
I love Gray from Fairy Tail, kasi ang gwapo talaga niya while also being very mysterious, parang nakaka-challenge ligawan, ha ha! Akala ninyong mga guys, kayo lang yung gustong natsa-challenge; kami ring mga girls!

Would a guy need to have his Master Ball to catch your attention?
I like guys with glasses; they look smart! Tapos medyo tahimik because if both of us talk a lot, parang mapapagod tayo agad, ha ha!

How should a guy approach you but still keep that "mysterious" vibe going?
I usually read manga at coffee shops so I become a regular customer there. Dati may lalaking lumapit sa akin tapos tinanong yung Wi-Fi password, nakita niyang may binabasa akong manga sa phone ko tapos ayun, nag-usap na kami, ha ha! It has to seem that he doesn't really want to talk to me outright, because I get too nervous when guys approach me all of a sudden—parang ang creepy lang!

Okay, let's say you do hit it off, how would a guy keep you interested in him?
If I could compare it to the kinds of animé I like, I like the ones na may build-up. Yung tipong at every stage of the story, there's something exciting or significant that would happen to the characters that would keep me interested in them. I also really enjoy when you see how the characters develop and become better people at the end of the series.

So does that mean you enjoy shows with happy endings more?
Yes! Kasi kapag sad yung ending, parang bitin para sa akin. I've invested so much time and emotion to the show kaya hinahanap ko talaga yung resolution ng lahat. Gusto ko talaga ngayon ng happy ending para wala na akong hahanapin pang iba.

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Refreshing, isn't she? Well, we guess you're now ready for Lhea's FHM idol photos:


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