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How To Become A Better Ladies' Man According To FHM's January Idol, Maica Palo
Maica here doesn't want you to end up a love desperado.
by Chise Alcantara | Jan 28, 2016
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All guys secretly believe that they have game. Don’t deny it. Though you may be timid at first when you talk to that cute girl you’ve always liked, somewhere deep inside your brain, something tells you that there’s a huge chance that you can take her home and do some Netflix-and-chill.

But then you start believing in yourself too much, and you end up coming off too strong, and well, feeling. To avoid this, we’ve laid out a few scenarios and common notice-me-lady moves you use (and usually get basted with) and asked help from our January 2016 FHM Idol Maica Palo to improve them.

Let’s see if your game is as on-point as you say it is, and if it will work when a feisty femme like Maica smizing in front of you.

SCENARIO 1: At a bar
, you exchange seductive glances with a girl. She stares back at you. She loves me, right?
Maica says:
"Dapat tumitingin yung guy sa girl nang patago. Yung tipong titingin yung guy sa phone niya tapos titingin siya ulit sa girl hanggang mapansin siya. Pero kapag napansin na rin yung guy ng girl, sana naman mag-eye-to-eye na kayo—pwedeng mag-smile nang konti. Hindi pwedeng text ka lang nang text, baka isipin nung girl, 'Sino bang ka-text nun? Ako ba? Kakilala ko ba ‘to?' Nakakalito yung mga lalaking ganun."

SCENARIO 2: You've just walked up to this girl at the bar. What should you do next?
Maica says:
“He should ask my name first and then ask something about me to get me interested. And if everything goes well, I probably wouldn’t mind giving him my number if he asks for it, but of course he has to build the conversation up first.”

SCENARIO 3: There's this cute girl at work. She has no idea you exist. You wake up one day having decided that this is the day you man up and talk to her. Good idea, yes?
Maica says:
"Actually, ayoko ng ganun, parang GGSS (Gwapong-Gwapo Sa Sarili). Parang ang out-of-nowhere nung ginagawa niya dahil bigla siyang magpapa-cute sa’yo tapos akala niya gustong-gusto mo siya. I’d much rather have him let me feel that he likes me than tell me outright para hindi gaanong confrontational. Actions speak louder than words, 'di ba?"

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SCENARIO 4: The girl keeps replying with a "K." or a "That's nice."
Maica says:
“Ipaparamdam ko dun sa guy kung interested ako o hindi through how I talk to him. Kung parang boring akong sumagot, that means I’m not interested in you. But if I’m very open and opinionated with the things I’m sharing with you, those are good signs that I am also attracted to you.”

SCENARIO 5: You've fallen in love with your bestfriend
Maica says:
“Actually, may na-experience na ako before; yung best friend ko, umamin sa akin na may gusto siya sa akin. I told him, 'Hindi naman sa hindi kita gusto pero hindi kasi sigurado na kapag naging tayo, forever na yun, pero kung friends lang tayo, hanggan-hangganan na yun.' Nasaktan siya at first, but he got over it in a couple of months.”

SCENARIO 6: You've been caught staring at her cleavage
Maica says: "Well, as long as he’s not staring at it while we're talking, it’s okay. Kapag kinakausap ako ng guy, okay lang sa akin kung pasulyap-sulyap sa cleavage ko kasi parang nakikita mong at least na-appreciate niya yung katawan mo. Kahit mga tig-one-second look para malaman ko lang na interested siya, Ha ha!"

Now launch the gallery below to get more cozy with FHM Idol Maica!


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