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Maricar Diaz - February 2010 100% Hottie

Perfection from every angle

| Feb 1, 2010
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“From this angle, she looks like Cristine Reyes,” one FHM staffer innocuously comments. [firstpara] “Nah, she’s more of a Paloma,” another one fires back. Thus starts an argument that would go on like a merry-go-round on a mission to send its passengers to their twirly deaths.

But before there were any real casualties, Maricar Diaz’s photoshoot mercifully starts. Everyone shuts their blabbering pie-holes, and proceeds to do the inevitable, that is, glue their eyes to the woman in question.

With the sun providing ambient light, Maricar’s face glistened, and her full curves swayed deliciously to the tune of the photographer’s clicks. Clickety-clickety-click. From her front profile, she turns sideways, then front again, and then indulges us with the rear view. Clickety-clickety-click.

And that’s when we realized how wrong it was to compare Maricar to all the other equally stunning FHM babes. Maricar Diaz is her own woman after all; an intoxicating beauty with her own brand of deadly, deadly sex appeal.

Haven’t you done a shoot like this before?
I have. Kaya yung kaba ko siguro, galing sa fact na yung last shoot ko antagal tagal na. Noong 2004 pa kasi yung last shoot ko na sexy ‘eh. Pero mas kabado ako noon kasi hindi alam nung family and parents ko ‘eh. Nagulat nalang sila nung nakita na nila. Tapos yung dad ko, marine pa! So ang sabi nalang namin nung mga pinsan ko sa daddy ko, art yung ginawa ko.

We find it hard to believe that you haven’t been posing more frequently than that. What kept you bust all these years?

I got busy with studies. I took up Tourism, pero hindi ko na rin siya natapos, kasi nagtrabaho na din ako agad.

Where were you working?
Nag-work ako for an airplane company. On the side, nag-model na rin ako. First and last time naman na naka-experience ako ng ramp is noong sumali ako sa bikini open na pageant, where I won second place.

And how was the pageant like?

Masaya, kasi sobra yung audience impact ‘eh. Very supportive yung mga friends ko. Tapos mga kalaban ko, mga flight attendants.

You must’ve come across a lot of people in your jobs. Has anyone ever told you, that you’re kind of a cross between Cristine Reyes, and Paloma?
Wala, ngayon pa lang! Kanina sa shoot, may nagsabi sa ‘kin na kamukha ko nga daw si Paloma.

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