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Mimi Casil - FHM 100% Hottie October 2014

Illongas are known to be the sweet kind. <em>FHM</em> October 2014 100% Hottie Mimi Casil proves it's all true!
by Khyne Palumar | Oct 5, 2014
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“It’s pronounced ‘kah-sil’,” this month’s FHM 100% Hottie tells us, when asked about the origins of her gene pool, and possibly foreign, curious-sounding last name—among other intriguing things. “Casil is Spanish. My mother is one-fourth Spanish, but I was raised in an Ilonggo household,” she adds.

We like Ilonggos. If all of Western Visayas turned into a thousand Mimi Casils overnight, the male population would probably lose their heads. Seeing as Mimi is neither in Iloilo or Negros, but here in Manila, making appearances in car shows, print ads, and just now, in your screens—we figured it best not to lose our heads. Instead, we asked—and she answered—about exes, performance advice, and how she takes off her underwear. 

Looking through Mimi’s photos right now though, it’s perfectly understandable how anybody can lose their heads.

What’s the first and last thing you take off when undressing?

My top, then I work my way down. Same thing with underwear, the panties come off last.

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Have you had other instances where you had to take off your clothes around strangers? Like for truth or dare or a party maybe?
No, not yet, anyway. Ha ha! This is really my first time to show off my assets! That’s why I was so nervous during the shoot.

What do you think your friends will say then, when they see your photos here?
Well, most of my friends are excited, but some people might not understand and they might criticize. Of course, I can’t please everybody—but I don't really mind as long as I’m happy with what I’m doing and I’m not getting in anyone’s way.

What do you imagine your exes would say?
I don’t really know. But I guess hanggang tingin na lang sila ngayon! Ha ha!

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