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Nadine Lopez - Online Babe June 2012

A little bit of naughty disguised underneath all that nice
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jun 1, 2012
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Shooting model and salon owner Nadine Lopez in the nippy province of Baguio was quite the spiritual experience. The soothing ambience, that ncie feeling of leaving city duties behind, amplified by mother nature’s tranquility were enough to elicit the singing of high hymns and praises.

Nadine is quite religious herself. When asked how she unwinds, she says, “I go to church every Wednesday and Sunday.” When the inevitable query of what kind of man she wants and needs comes up, she answers, “God-fearing.” Somebody had to assume the role of a Devil’s advocate. And so prodding and taunting ensued. She is tempted with theoretical questions like what she’d do with a billion pesos, to which she saintly replies: “I would rather donate it to charity.”

Is she too good to be true? Perhaps. But, as you'll see in her photographs, behind the angelic façade is a hellish fire burning with desire. Her lips say one thing yet her luscious lady parts, which tease with each pose, will have you succumbing to the most sinful of thoughts. And it doesn’t take long for the devil inside to come out. Nadine’s got a little bit of naughty disguised underneath all that nice.

She confesses to having pretty wild sex in open parking lots and against doorframes, to enjoying malicious stares and passionate intercourse, and to liking being felt up when intertwining tongues are involved.

It is in her sudden honesty that you will find yourselves converted into lustful believers. So little disciples, worship the ground she walks on, bow down and kiss her pretty post-pedicure feet, and thank divine providence for sending Nadine your way. Hallelujah.

What was it like shooting in the cold outdoors of Baguio?
It was a one of a kind experience. I mean come on, shooting in the cold outdoors of Baguio and I am only wearing bikinis? There were chills all over the place. Beat that. Ha ha!

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How do you keep yourself warm when the weather is cold?
If I’m at home, I keep myself warm by staying under my comforter. But outside, a cup of hot tea is the best in keeping me warm.

We heard you own your own salon business, do you feel empowered knowing that you are your own boss?
Yes, I do. I always do what is right for my business so having an authoritative attitude is never a dilemma.  

Would you ever allow a man to boss you around?
Man by nature is superior and they almost always want to be authoritative most of the time. As long as it doesn't go beyond my principles, I’m okay with it.

How do you make yourself feel pretty and sexy when you aren’t bossing people around?
The secret is early to bed early to rise, proper diet, exercise, and of course, I apply beauty products for maintenance of my physical appearance. On the other hand, being confident is what really makes me feel pretty and sexy.

So does a man need to be confident to be with someone like you?
I always check for the lips and teeth of a guy. I also go for men who are hygienic. He has to be God fearing. That attitude alone can determine if a man would ever do me harm. He needs to have family values and religious virtues like me.

Amen. So where would this cleanly, God-fearing dude take you? Church, maybe?
We just need to be comfortable with each other. Sunset by the beach is the best place for me to have a date with that special someone. We’ll be talking, smiling, and laughing while listening to the waves and watching the sun as it sets, simple yet romantic and memorable.

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So if you had the chance to go on the perfect beach vacation, where would that be and what would you do?
Locally, I would have to choose Amanpulo. The serenity of the place is best to relax and pamper yourself. Not to mention the exclusivity of the place. It’s perfect. On the other hand, though it isn’t the beach, I would love to see Paris, France. I know that this place would make my heart race because of its aesthetic beauty.  

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