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Natalie Kandis - Online Babe March 2012

A girl who follows her dreams is a girl we'd dream about
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 2, 2012
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Natalie Kandis, a U.K. export now living in Singapore, came over to the Philippines one day. She's here to fulfill two goals. One is to appear in FHM Philippines, which she says is one of her favorite international versions, and two, is to be able to cross out the country from her extensive list of travel destinations.

The girl loves to travel, amongst other things including: animals, dancing, Thai food, house and trance music, and Filipino men. She says she'd like to go to Africa to go on a safari and see wild animals roaming free. She says she craves for those huge parties in Ibiza. And yes she says that she finds Pinoys attractive.

The moment she told us that, we, of course, instantly loved her. As you can see, we are quite easy to flatter like that. And these pin-up photos you see here should make it easy for you to love her, too. She definitely brought some of that U.K. swagger with her, while at the same time incorporating a little bit of that playful Asian flavor that she's learned in her two years living in Asia.

At one point, obligatory queries regarding her stance on relationship came up. In spite of being the type of woman who might just be able to get any man she wants, Natalie confesses that she's indeed very loyal. She can if she wanted to, but this woman professes that she don't flirt around when in a relationship. That's not to say though that she can't be a mean girl. Once, in a trip to Thailand, she let her guy friend flirt around with a lady she already knew was a lady boy. You know, just for a good laugh.

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That's Natalie Kandis for you. She can be playful, she can be cute, but she can also quite serious when it comes to the more important things in life. Now, wouldn't you want someone like that for a girlfriend?

What was your favorite part of the shoot today?
It has to be the pink underwear because it was really playful, and really sexy. I’d love to do a shoot in a beach or a pool though!

Is pink your favorite color?
It isn’t actually. But that’s the reason why today is extra, extra special. I don’t actually like pink that much but it made it really, really playful. I had so much fun.

Indeed, pink is playful, and cute. Would you say that your personality is like that as well?
I can be at at times. But then I can be quite serious too.

If we ask one of your friends, how would they describe you?
They’ll say she’s really outgoing, really friendly, bubbly, and that she’s a load of fun to go out with.

Where do you usually hang out?
A lot of the times, we just hang out at bars, restaurant, fine dining. Just to eat. I love to eat. I love food. And poker, we love poker too.

Are you a foodie?
Definitely, I’m a food lover at heart. That’s the reason I love to go out, and enjoy myself. My friends and I love to go out a lot and check out a lot of different restaurants.

What’s your stance on fast food then?
I’m not fussy. Anything, I’m not bothered at all.

Have you tried balut?  
I’ve never even heard of that before!

It’s fertilized duck embryo that is boiled alive.
Oh yeah that one! No, I definitely wouldn’t eat that. The most exotic I’ve ever eaten might be a snail. I love eating, but I’m not actually that adventurous.

What’s your favorite kind of food then?
It has to be Thai. I love spicy food. When I went to Thailand, that’s when I fell in love with their food. It’s just amazing.

Would you call yourself a spicy girl?
I definitely am! I’m just spicy, that’s just who I am.

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