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FHM September 2016 Idol Nathalie Hayashi Is The Perfect Stage Girlfriend

Breaking into the international modeling scene while still having time for her guy? Just one of the many endearing things that makes her a keeper
by Chise Alcantara | Sep 23, 2016
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A mixed-beauty like Nathalie Hayashi is as rare as she is lovely. No wonder she's a sought after talent both here and in the international scene. Born and raised in the Philippines, this Filipina-Japanese model has been all over Asia learning about different cultures and how the modeling scene outside the Philippines works.

Armed with all her ramp experience, she has finally settled here and reconnected with us for old times' sake. Now she talks of how much she's learned from her travels and how happy her life is with her boyfriend, former Philippine Azkals midfielder Mark Hartman (that lucky bastard). So has the former Premier Vixen title holder slowed down? Judging from how hot she looks in these photos, not in the slightest.

How was walking the runway in other countries different from modeling here?

I learned how to work with different kinds of people and adapt to their culture. I feel like I'm a lot more relaxed when I work with Filipinos because the experience just seems more familiar to me. Whenever I work abroad, everyone is more straightforward and the environment is really more fast-paced, probably because I'm only staying there for a short time so we focus a lot more on the things we need to get done.

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Did you gain any new fans while you were traveling?

There was this one time when someone stalked me. It was really creepy because it even got to the point that he was calling me up at my hotel room and ringing my door bell. I got pretty scared but good thing everything was eventually taken care of by the authorities.

Besides obsessive fans, did you find anything else difficult?

The language barrier definitely makes communicating with people challenging sometimes, especially if the country I'm going to doesn't widely speak English. It sometimes makes it difficult to get directions from them during photo shoots but it isn't their fault! I don't want to sound like I'm bashing their English or anything, ha ha!


Are the modeling jobs you get abroad more risqué than the ones you get here?

Actually, they're not, because most of the international shoots I get are from Muslim countries. They just happen to see some of my shoots in our local magazines, like FHM!

What do you think sets you apart from other models?

It's probably my work ethic. Whenever I have a shoot, I make sure that they get the shots they want as quick as possible; the quicker I get the shots, the more layouts I can finish. Also, being Filipina helps a lot because foreigners really find something special about our beauty. I mean, look at all the Filipina models and beauty queens out there!

Do you look up to any of these Filipina models?

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Arianny Celeste is so hot. She's so sexy, fit, and pretty! No wonder my boyfriend fancies her, ha ha!

Are you into fitness like your boyfriend is?

Fitness has always been really important to me since it helps me lead a healthy life and keep my body in shape. Though my current boyfriend inspired me to push myself even further so now I go to the gym with him!

Do athletes get extra pogi points from girls?

Yes, of course! Aside from them being fit, they are very disciplined and motivated. I usually tend to date men that are already really fit. I usually end up being the weak one, physically, in the relationship, ha ha!

But don't athletes usually get labeled as womanizers? What do you think of this stereotype?

I used to think that, so I was hesitant to date him at first. Eventually, he changed my mind because I could really tell that he was really passionate at playing football and was really good at it!

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You seem like the stage girlfriend type!

I am! I try to watch as many of his games as possible. Super cheerleader ako. As in, super sa sigaw kapag nakaka-goal, pero sobra rin sa pag-alala kapag na-injure! He had an ACL injury recently, but I nursed him back to health and now he's in Singapore with his new team.

So, how does a Nathalie Hayashi nurse her man back to health?

Ha ha! I prepare meals for him; go with him to physical therapy sessions; I clean his wounds; Change his bandages...lahat-lahat na...ha ha!

Again, lucky bastard.

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