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Nikkita Jia – FHM's #NewCrush November 2016

She’ll get inside your head and you’ll probably never want her to leave
by Chise Alcantara | Nov 28, 2016
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Have you ever wanted to read a person’s thoughts? Imagine what you could do! From reading your crush's minds to finding out who farted—the world would be in the palms of your hands.

Now, while psychiatrists aren’t necessarily mind readers, they’re probably the closest things we’ve got. And, well, they’re pretty awesome in their own right. Being able to analyze a person based on their behavior and mannerisms, and eventually be able to understand other people’s thought processes is amazing to say the least. Almost as amazing as our New Crush for November, psychology student and certified hottie, Nikkita Jia.

Nikkita’s always had this urge to understand people. “I like thinking about how people react to their environment and the situation they’re put in, especially if their reaction is unusual. And I love talking to people—long, deep conversations really interest me.” And true enough, we did get lost in our conversations with her.

She’s the type of girl you can talk to for hours and hours because you feel like she’s really interested in talking to you, emphasis on talking to you, notinterested in you. 

“I usually give advice to my friends, but only if they’re willing to listen. I’ve encountered people who are bipolar and they are really difficult to talk to because it’s like they don’t want to be helped. Though, now that I think about it... Ha ha! Meron ngang mga hihingi ng advice tapos after a while, ayun poporma na! Ha ha!”

Her background in psychology has actually helped her to have a more Zen and peaceful perception of the world. Guys with “bad” attitudes intrigue her. “Psychology has helped me a lot in dealing with people, lalo na yung mga kinaiinisan ko. I don’t get pissed anymore. I just assume that they probably have some undiagnosed mental disorder. Ha ha! Kidding of course.” In fact, she’s even taken a liking to “bad boys.” Men who are “harder to handle” challenge her, “The guys with ‘bad’ attitudes. I find pleasure in reaching out to them and trying to sort of ‘fix them’ in a way.”

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In dealing with people with psychological problems, she’s learned to be patient with people and give the troubled the benefit of the doubt before condemning them as “evil” or futile causes. “I think the best thing you can do is not to judge people immediately. Sigmund Freud used psychoanalysis to understand people’s behavior and what it says about them. It’s a way to explore the person’s inner psyche without passing judgment. I think people jump to conclusions when hearing bad stuff about others. Like if someone says that the guy is a drug addict, it doesn’t mean he’s immediately a bad person. We can’t decide until we get to know that person."

She hopes to use her knowledge and skills to help misunderstood individuals who have been neglected or persecuted by society. “Someday, I want to build a charity or maybe provide free counseling for drug addicts, criminals, and 'bad' people who are willing to change. Most of them are just waiting for people who can understand them. I’d also want to build a small learning center for special children. I think there’s a lot of things we can accomplish if we just don't give up on one another.”

To know more about Nikkita, you can read her slumbook entry here. 

You can also see more of her photos in the gallery below.

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