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FHM Idols July 2015 - Let's Get The Party Started With DJ Patty Tiu!

One of the country's top DJs, Patty Tiu of Deuce Manila, wire you in with some sweet music hacks...and even sweeter photos!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jul 24, 2015
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We don’t know when it started exactly, but female DJs have slowly taken over the once male-dominated party scene. These ladies are now widely considered as the new rock stars of this beat-hungry, bass drop-obsessed segment of the population.

And not only are they easy on the ears, they’re also absolutely pleasant to watch. Take for example, Patty Tiu or otherwise known as Deuce Manila, the heart-stopping DJ who can make anybody dance with her heart-thumping sets. This July though, Patty focuses solely on being a heart-stopper as she becomes our FHM Idol.

The former San Mig Light Spin-Off competition grand winner has been busy doing rounds on A-list clubs and crazy music festivals in and out of the country, getting fist-pumping party kids to dance until the ungodly hours. Her formula is simple: A hot blonde (until she changes her hair color, of course) lords over the noisy festivities and makes people groove on her mercy—a better party-starter than any vodka-energy drink mix.

“Crowd reading is one of the most important things in DJing besides the technical side," shares the pretty spinmaster. "If you play too hard and do a stagnant set, the people get tired too fast. It's best to switch from one genre to another.” So Patty, if you can easily read a crowd, can you also teach us on how to get on the good side of people, particularly girls? “Always ride with the mood she's currently on, and always make things interesting."

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So put your drinks up, FHM Nation. Things are about to get groovy as our pretty DJ teaches us how to make use of the sweetest tunes to our advantage and how to set the right BPM for lovemaking.

How's the DJing life, especially now that you're on own? What has changed about Deuce?

It's very hectic due to the numerous gigs and schedules that I have to handle alone. The branding has changed into "You and I" vis-a-vis "Me And The Crowd." It could also entail collaborations with other entities.

Where can we catch you these days?
Usually I spin at TIME in Manila, Aracama, Tipple and Slaw, and Reserve at BGC. I'm usually booked out of town or out of the country. You can also check my Facebook page Deuce Manila for my gig schedule. I make sure to keep it updated.

What are you normally up to when the sun is up?
I'm kind of busy doing administrative work, meetings, booking schedules, catching up with work mail, answering followers' threads, inbox messages, requests—that's a lot! For myself, I go to the gym, I get some sleep, and I try my best to make time for my family.

What type of music, or which song, do you listen to if you want to kick-start your day?
I really don't stereotype music. I listen to all genres, whichever has that certain tune that instantly gets you interested. In turn, not only do I get to start my day, I also get to add to my repertoire. 

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When it comes to hook-ups, how important is a person's taste in music to you?
You can tell a lot by what the person listens to. It is very important to know what they're into. More often than not, the type of music he or she favors reflects a person's character. If a person's into dance-y tunes, there's no way they're boring, right?

Have you ever shooed away/dumped/friend-zoned anyone because of their taste in music?
Nope. It's not a basis for keeping them in your lives. Besides, you can always share with her your playlist.

What type of song gets you in the mood know what?
Trance music! No need to thank me! Ha ha!

What's the perfect beat per minute for lovemaking?
110 BPM!

On the other hand, what's the one song you would never play on your set?
Heroes. I won't tell the artist though.

Apple Music or Spotify?

What's more impressive: someone with a flashy car or someone with a huge vinyl collection?
The one with the vinyl collection! It kind of makes him mysterious and appealing at the same time. Who knows, he may have that perfect record for an unforgettable morning after.

Photography Ejay Leung of Midnight Bonkers  Styling J-Em Sta.Ana  Makeup Janina Dizon  Hair Emma Hernandez

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